Free Fire's OB24 patch has been out for a few days now - with various buffs to weaker weapons and nerfs to stronger weapons. In this article, we are going to list out all the changes and analyze them - there would be a guide for the new weapon PARA FAL as well.

1 - Weapon Changes in OB24


Frag grenades were pretty unpopular in Free Fire due to the time it took for them to explode after hitting the target. Any player with half a brain can sprint out of the radius easily. However, you can now cook the grenade before throwing - making them a much more dangerous weapon. Holding the grenade in your hand might be a good strategy now as you can cook and throw it right away, similar to a grenade launcher blast.


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The P90 is much stronger now

The P90 was pretty bad previously due to its low accuracy and high spread even in close range. In OB24, the gun's spread is reduced while firing speed is increased even more - it might be the best choice in the SMG class now.

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While the M14 is at a pretty good spot, the combination of its damage, range and stability is a little bit too much compared to other weapons in the same class like SKS and SVD. That's why they have toned the M14's minimum damage a bit to balance it out. The Rage Core of the M14 also loses 11% rate of fire as well.

Damage: 58->59

Minimum Damage: 30->25


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The Plasma Gun in Free Fire

This gun is usually looked down upon due to its terrible accuracy. With OB24 that's no longer the case, with the number of precise shots gets boosted from 4 to 6... and spread when moving reduces by 11%.

Kar98k Biometric Scope

The aim assists of the Kar98k biometric scope is decreased by 35% - a heavy nerf. Overall, a lot of players have been abusing the quick scoping with Biometric scope... and it is about time for this combo to be nerfed.


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You probably won't be able to reach these locations in OB24

You can no longer stay in the air for a long period of time using the Glider - its maximum flight attitude has been cut by more than 50%, from 38 to 14. Some players abuse this to get to unreachable places.

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2 - New weapons


The PARA FAL is much stronger than expected, with a whopping 69 in damage, 8 more than the "strongest AR in the game" Groza. Coupled with its decent range, headshots from this gun would be super deadly.

Stats of the PARA FAL

The weakness of the PARA FAL is its lower than average rate of fire... however, that is not too much trouble as you would be sniping with burst shots. This gun is available in Classic and Clash Squad.


A training ground exclusive weapon - the Flamethrower's specialty is to melt Gloo Walls. Overall, this weapon is pretty useless and would need a lot of buffs before getting ported into the game - it has only 15 damage.

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