In shooters, the American made M4 has always been featured as a "balanced" weapon, with decent damage and a "jack of all trade" statlines. Free Fire's version of the M4, the M4A1, is not an exception to this rule.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the M4A1 in Free Fire and how to get the most out of the weapon.

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1 - Stats of the M4A1

The M4A1 is a common weapon and can be found pretty much everywhere in the game - this is an advantage over rare weapons like the Groza or SVD, for example. Tied with the SCAR and FAMAS at the bottom of the Damage Per Shot list at only 53/100, the M4A1 deals relatively lower headshot damage comparing to other weapons in the Assault Rifle class - you would definitely not be able to one-shot anyone with it.

Stats of the M4A1

However, in exchange for the lower damage, the M4A1 has the longest range out of all Assault Rifles in the game (not counting automatic Sniper rifles like the SVD or SKS) at 77. The weapon range is super important in a Battle Royale like Free Fire, as the majority of fights would happen at mid-range or further.

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One of the most iconic weapons in all shooters

The M4A1 can also be equipped with every attachment in the game, which improves its performance a great deal - if you find an M4 early on, it is best to stack up attachments on it.

When firing the M4A1, it is best to do short bursts, with a short stop in between to restore the balance of the weapon. However, if you are in close range, going full auto is a good alternative as there wouldn't be as much recoil as any other Assault Rifles

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2 - M4A1 in real life?

The M4A1 is a variant of the M4, which in turn is the main and most popular weapon in the United States Army's Infantry. The gun was first produced in 1991 and last until the present day - this is the reason why it is so popular in video games.

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The various Mods that the real-life m4 can equip

The main feature of the M4 is that it is insanely customizable - the gun can be equipped with various mods suitable for any tasks at hand.

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