With PUBG Mobile getting banned in India, a lot of people are moving over to Free Fire. In this article, we would list out the top 10 most useful Free Fire Beginner tips and tricks so that your transition would be easier.

1 - What to do after jumping from the plane?

Wait until the plane is relatively close to your chosen landing location before jumping. Furthermore, do not open your parachute manually - this would slow down your landing speed, giving enemies a chance to get ahead. With Free Fire being a BR, landing first is very important, as you would be able to get your guns first and shoot enemies when they are trying to loot.

free fire tips for beginners
Free Fire tips for beginners: Don't use the parachute right away when jumping out from the plane

Just let your parachute automatically deploy when you are about to hit the ground.

2 - Looting

Search for weapons and gears in buildings. If you don't want to fight early, try to land in a remote area on the edge of the map. If you do want to fight immediately, make sure to get the guns as fast as possible.

free fire tips for beginners
The airdrop

Airdrops (loot crates dropped down from a plane) often contain rare guns and high-level gears. Be prepared for a fight when looting it, as other players might have seen the drop coming as well. This also applies when killing an enemy - look around a little before going forward to loot their body, as someone else might come after hearing the gunshots.

3 - Gear

Weapons are important but gears and support items are not to be neglected. Try to at least get a set of vests and helmet before leaving your first landing site - loot is scarce outside in the wilds. Pick up medical supplies like medkits, mushrooms, and grenades as well - you can never get enough healing items.

free fire tips for beginners
There are a lot of useful items in Free Fire

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4 - Play zone

The shrinking play zone is a common feature of battle royale games, and Free Fire is not an exception. After a set of intervals, the play area would gradually get smaller and smaller. Every Free Fire match last about 10 minutes - you would have to move out pretty early comparing to PUBG Mobile.

free fire tips for beginners
The final circle can be super small

Always try to keep a manageable distance by staying close to the edge of the play zone. Otherwise, it would be pretty difficult later as the later circles reduce HP at an increasingly high rate.

5 - What to do when getting shot at?

When you get shot at, you need to react fast and retreat to a safe location after detecting enemy location on the minimap. Afterward, you can heal and try to shoot back. Engaging enemies right away is also on the table of course, but you would be at a disadvantage as they are the ones who made the first move.

free fire tips for beginners
Getting the drop on enemies is super important

When retreating, try to sprint, crouch or jump randomly - that would mess up enemy aim and might save your life.

6 - Scouting to get the drop on enemies

In shooters, the side who shoots first would get a massive advantage, especially when they manage to catch their enemies off guard. Free Fire is no different - if you are careful when moving and scouting, you would be able to get the drop on your enemies and kill them before they are able to retaliate. To do this, moving slowly and scouting forward with a scope is the key.

free fire tips for beginners
Scout the area first with a scope

7 - Using weapons and scopes

Using sights and scopes are very important in Free Fire, as hip firing is pretty unreliable. While some weapons have scope automatically attached to them at the start, you usually might have to find some as drops to equip on your guns. With Free Fire's map being bigger than most shooters, these things are also great scouting tools as well.

free fire tips for beginners
Weapon mods are pretty important in Free Fire

There is no bullet drop in Free Fire - only bullet traveling time. You would be able to get a headshot at any range if your aim is on point. Just consider the bullet's travel time, of course.

ARs can pretty much be used on any range if you have a good scope. SRs are only effective at long range while the rest of the weapons like SMGs, Shotguns... are only effective at close to middle range.

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8 - Sounds

Turn on the sound to listen to enemy fire, footsteps and even your teammates' communication. Hearing footsteps are a super useful skill in Free Fire, especially when you are in cramped places like buildings. Moving when crouch would not produce any sound... so be careful regardless. You can also use that to your advantage as well while exploring buildings.

9 - Free Fire Beginner Tips for Vehicles

Vehicles are very powerful tools in Free Fire - they would aid you in moving from locations to locations while providing good protection. They are pretty loud, however, and enemies in the area would be drawn to your position.

free fire tips for beginners
Try to get a vehicle early on to move around

Vehicles can sometimes give you free kills as well - ramming people with them is the easiest way.

10 - Characters and Pets

Characters and pets in Free Fire have unique skills to aid you in combat - try to use them immediately when available.

free fire tips for beginners
Equip a character as soon as you get one

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