There are a lot of ways to heal in Free Fire, with some characters even come out of the gate with their own healing abilities. In this article, we would list out every character with a healing ability in Free Fire and figure out which one is the best.

5 - Notora

The motorcycle gang leader Notora can heal herself and every teammate to full... if the team has access to a vehicle. The ability would give players inside the car Notora is driving 4.5 HP regen every 5 seconds. There is no limit for this heal - you can pretty much to full from 1 HP, as long as a player with Racer's Blessing is driving.

Notora Free Fire

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4 - Kapella

While Kapella's ability "Healing Song" is only a passive, its sheer number makes the skill worth using. You would get 20% more HP from a medkit and 10% more from healing skills when equipped with a max level Healing Song. This ability enhance greatly every other skill in this list.

Garena Free Fire New Character Kapella

3 - A124

A124's "Thrill of Battle" pretty much makes her the king in 1vs1 firefight. At the maximum level, it converts 50 EP into HP immediately, effectively give her 250 HP - enough to outlast most enemies. When combined with something like Alok's ability, you can pretty much last forever in the fight.

New Character A124

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2 - Luqueta

Luqueta's ability "Hat Trick" is one of the most broken skills released into the game yet. With it equipped, you would gain max HP each kill, with a max limit of 35 (which can be gained after 2 kills). Overall, this works similarly to A124's ability, but you don't even have to active it or care about the EP cost.

New Character Luqueta

1 - Alok

This is probably not a surprise at all to everybody. Alok's skill is so brokenly powerful that after a lot of characters were added to the game, he is still the best character in Free Fire. "Drop the beat" heal everyone in the are for 50 HP while increasing their movement speed in the duration - and it lasts for a whopping 10 seconds. The movement speed bonus is almost tripled that of Kelly's skill.

Free Fire Alok Character Banner

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