These are all the common utility items that are usually used in Free Fire. They are also a priority for looting while clearing out the map - getting your hand on healing items or protection vests and bags can be super useful in the long run.

Some of the items on the list are not available in normal BR mode.

1 - Restoration items:


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The most common healing item in Free Fire. These medkits would restore 75 HP after 5 seconds of activation (by tapping the heal button). You would have to stand still while using. Overall, the medkit is the best kind of heal - restoring a massive amount of HP in only a few seconds.


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Restore a random amount of EP and HP to the player after 2 seconds. This item is pretty useful, as it can be used in combat.

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Repair Kit (Portable)

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Restore some durability to the current set of armor and vest you are wearing. The item works pretty fast - it takes less than one second to activate.

2 - Storage Items


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There are three levels of backpacks that players can acquire in Free Fire. A player without any backpacks has an inventory capacity of 50. Level 1, 2 and 3 backpacks would increase players' inventory capacity by 100, 200 and 500 respectively.

Overall, it is pretty weird that carrying 500 units of weight does not slow the player down at all compare to 50.

3 - Protection items


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An upgradable item that gives players head damage reduction. Higher-level helmets also have higher durability, which means they would last longer.

  • Level 1: 33% headshot damage reduction - 70 durability
  • Level 2: 45% headshot damage reduction - 155 durability
  • Level 3: 57% headshot damage reduction - 240 durability
  • Level 4: 69% headshot damage reduction - 325 durability

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The vest would block some damage when you get shot - at maximum level, they pretty much cut down more than two-third of damage received. Higher-level vests have higher durability - the difference between level 3 and 4 vests is minimal, however.

  • Level 1: 33% headshot damage reduction - 190 durability
  • Level 2: 50% headshot damage reduction - 235 durability
  • Level 3: 66% headshot damage reduction - 260 durability
  • Level 4: 70% headshot damage reduction - 290 durability

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