Looks like Free Fire is trying to get at least one character for every popular region in the world. Right after India-based Hrithik Roshan "Jai" was released onto the game, they have moved to yet another new real-life celebrity - KSHMR, a famous American musician. In this article, we would reveal everything you need to know about this collab.

Captain Booyah

About KSHMR and Captain Booyah's release date

KSHMR, similar to Alok, is a musician, record producer, rapper, and DJ all at once. Based on the post from his social media handles, the character "Captain Booyah" would be released along with a song and music video on October 15, 2020.

The song is named "One More Round" and is going to be the main theme of the Booyah Day Event. This is the pre-save link for the track - it would be unlocked at launch day.

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About Captain Booyah's design and ability

Captain Booyah would wear a stylish red trenchcoat similar to the other DJ in Free Fire, Alok.

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Free Fire's second DJ is almost here - as part of the October update

Captain Booyah or "K" has a pretty interesting skill - it has 2 effects and both are related to EP, one of the more underused features in Free Fire. Booyah's skill would regenerate EP for him and his teammates, with another passive component that increases Booyah's max EP.

Overall, this skill is not really that strong, as EP is converted into HP at a very slow rate - not nearly as useful in combat as a straight heal like Alok's. Not to mention, the EP is regenerate at a slow rate, much weaker than Miguel's instantaneous regen after a kill.

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