There are a lot of special items in Free Fire... and grenades are definitely one of the most commonly used. Garena has created a lot of special grenades in limited-time events and in this article, we would list all of them out.

1 - Flashbang

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This is probably the most dangerous grenade in the game, despite not dealing any damage. When hit with a flashbang, all enemies in the radius would be blinded and deafened for a short period of time - enough for you to unload a barrage of crippling fire upon them. However, the thrower can also be affected by the grenade - you have to be careful when launching it. For the maximum effect, you need to hit the enemies directly.

Teammates would not be affected by the Flash - this is an attempt to counter game ruiners who blind their own team with flashes.

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2 - Grenade

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Damage everyone in the blast radius. Not much to explain here - except that you can cook the grenade first before throwing.

3 - Smoke Grenade

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Create a smoke cloud that obstructs an area - not much else to explain here.

4 - Gloo Wall

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Instantly create a cover in the direction its user is facing. The wall's HP can be boosted by Robo. You can also get extra grenades from Waggor as well.

Gloo Wall automatically disappears after a while. The maximum number of Gloo Walls that can be placed by a player is 3. Any new wall would make the oldest one disappear.

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5 - Landmine

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Deploy an explosive landmine that blows up when any player walks into it. It can also be triggered by shooting.

6 - Decoy Grenade

Create a fake player on the map - this fake has durability and timer just like the Gloo Wall.

7 - Brick Grenade

Create a brick tower after deployment. It can be destroyed by enemy attacks and would disappear after a while. You can climb on the tower with a grapple gun.

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