In Free Fire, the power of a weapon does not only depend on its damage but other stats as well, especially the rate of fire. The higher the rate of fire of a weapon is, the more bullets it can shot in the same duration of time. That means even if a weapon has low damage, it can still have a lot of power with a high rate of fire.

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The power of a weapon lies not only on its damage but its rate of fire as well

Today, we are going to list the top 5 weapons in Free Fire with the highest rate of fire.

5. UMP

The UMP owns a fast rate of fire (75) just like all SMG. Apart from that it also has a great reload speed of 77 as well as a movement speed of 79. While the damage of the UMP quite mediocre, it has 63 armor penetration, which amplifier its true power by a large margin.

Ump Free Fire
The UMp is one of few weapons in Free Fire that has armor penetration

4. P90

The P90 has a fast fire rate of 76, but the real highlight of this weapon is the huge magazine capacity. Its magazine can store up to 50 bullets., more than any other SMG. The weapon has a great accuracy of 43 which trade-in for the short range of only 27.

The P90 in Free Fire has the biggest magazine out of all SMGs with a size of 50

3. MP5

The MP5 has a rate of fire of 76. It also has a fast reload speed of 77. Overall, the MP5 is a balanced weapon with nothing that is too stand out. It is a stable and easy-to-use weapon that anyone can go for.

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The MP5 is an all-rounder SMG with a great stability and is very easy to use

2. Thomson

The Thomson is widely considered by many players as the strongest SMG in Free Fire. The weapon has high damage of 50, a high rate of fire of 77, and an overall high stat. The biggest weakness of this weapon is that it is a new weapon in Free Fire so there aren't many skins for it yet to boost its power.

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The Thomson doesn't have many skins yet because it is new in Free Fire

However, that is only a matter of time until it has great skin for its own. But for now, the MP40 will stay as the strongest SMG in Free Fire.

1. MP40

The MP40 is the weapon with the highest rate of fire (83) in Free Fire. Sadly, the MP40 is only effective in close-range and has pretty bad accuracy. It is really hard to utilize the MP40 even in mid-range combats.

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The MP40 is the weapon with the highest rate of fire and the strongest SMG in Free Fire

The MP40 is the most effective in a city area with many buildings.

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