In Free Fire, you can find many different types of guns, each with their own advantage. While sniper rifles are best at fighting long-range combat, shotguns and SMG are the kings of close-range combats.

Among them, the MP40 stands out as one of the best choices for most players because of its extreme fire rate and it is easy to use. The gun is recommended for all players,  no matter if you are a veteran or a newbie.

While any players can pick up this gun and use it, not all players can use its full potential. Today, we are going to give you 5 tips to wield the MP40 like a pro.

1. Choose the right skin

Unlike other games, skins in Free Fire is not just for show. They will give your weapons a huge stat buff, making your weapons stronger than they already are.

There are various options for you to choose from the store. You can boost your damage or fire rate, magazine capacity,... I personally choose damage or fire rate to shred enemies as fast as possible. The Sneaky Clown skin, for example, is a great option to boost your fire rate.

5 Awesome Tips To Master The Mp40 Free Fire Offici

Of course, these skins are going to cost you some Diamonds so be sure to always save some in your account.

2.  Raise your aim up

I have already mentioned this tip in other articles but I will now mention it again because it is such an important tip. While firing at your opponent, raise your Fire button up and your aim will snap onto their head, sending them back to looby with some nice headshots.

3. Don't Hold Your Trigger

If you hold your trigger for too long the accuracy of the weapon will reduce and the crosshair will get bigger. If you failed to finish your enemy in the first few shots, it is better to stop spraying, aim again, and then starting shooting.

5 Awesome Tips To Master The Mp40 Free Fire Offici
Holding your trigger for too long will reduce your accuracy

4. Don't Get Too Close

The MP40 is a great close-range weapon, but not when you are too close to the enemy, especially vs shotgun players. From 3 to 5 m is the optimal distance to maximize the accuracy and power of the MP40.

5 Awesome Tips To Master The Mp40 Free Fire Offici

5. Stay Focus

It is fine if you can't delete your opponent the moment you see them. You can always stake cover, find a different angle, and then start attacking them again.

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