When it comes to battle royale games like Free Fire, there are two main types of the player based on their playstyle: Aggressive and Passive playing. While some people prefer camping inside a building and wait till the end of the match to come out, some others would rather go out to seek for enemies and combat. In fact, aggressive playing not only helps you to be more active and take control of the match but also boost up your skills, experience, and level.

Free Fire Characters For Aggressive Players

However, aggressive playing is not all about going out and getting as many kills as possible. Apart from having clear and wise tactics, you also need to take advance of weapons and character skills which favors aggressive playstyles. Earlier, we introduced some basic guidelines for Free Fire aggressive players. Today, let’s take a look at the best characters whose skills will help you to get more kills in the battle:

Free Fire Alok Character Ability

1. DJ Alok

Being one of the most popular choices in Free Fire, DJ Alok is well known for his Drop The Beat skills which create a 5m aura which not only increases the ally movement also helps the player gain more HP after each kill. His active skill is not only helpful for the player himself but also support his whole squad to get frags in games.

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New Character Sverr Ability Free Fire New Characte

2. Sverr

Although the character has yet to be officially released, Sverr appears to be a top rival of Alok as the character is introduced to be the first true offensive player who takes his HP to boost damage by up to 20% with 30HP. This character will go infersible when being armed with a high damage weapon like AWM and a pet who can earn him some extra HP for each kill.

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Clu Ability

3. Clu

Being a detective, Clu is one of the most suitable options for aggressive players who are thirsty for kills. With her Tracing Step skill, Clu can spot out the enemies who are 30 meters away. Her skill can also be shared with her teammate starting from level 4.

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Unlock A124 In Free Fire Shop

4. A124

Apart from getting as much kill as possible, don’t forget to pay attention to your HP bar. With the advanced AI robot A124, players can convert EP into HP. The maximum amount of HP you can earn each time is up to 50. However, you will also need a while to cool down after each use.

Free Fire New Character Steffie India

5. Steffie

Being an aggressive player means you will face the risk of taking more damage. To prevent yourself and the whole team from any type of damage, Steffie will be the character any team needs to get booyahs. By painting a safe circle, the character will reduce damage by 5-15%.

While Sverre will be made available on Free Fire Advance Server OB24 starting from September 24, other characters can be obtained on the official online store of the game with the price of 499 diamonds.

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