Ever since the Free Fire release, there have been a lot of new features and weapons added to the game. In order to make the most of the game, it’s crucial that you constantly keep up with the weapons updates. A thorough knowledge about weapons would be necessary if you want to use them effectively. Here we give you an all-inclusive guide on how to get the best of weapons.

Free Fire Official Weapon Update 2020

Disclaimers: These are suggestions that we think will suffice your needs. There is no such thing set to be the best weapon. What makes a weapon the best is its efficiency when in the hands of players. So apparently there will be various ways to use weapons.  Please let us know you have different suggestions.

1. Assault Rifles

Dragunov, commonly recognized as a sniper rifle but according to the Garena website, it belongs to the “AR” category. This is the king of the “AR” category with the damage of 89 and the rage of 80.

In addition to that, we have SKS and M14, which are undeniably two of the strongest weapons in this category. While SKS is famous for causing severe damage and it is ideal for long-distance shooting in the open world, M14 offers a little higher fire rate and magazine size. AN94 is the newcomer with the latest patch but it doesn’t live up to the expectation. Even FAMAS can do better than AN94.

Free Fire Assault Rifles

2. SMG (Small Machine Guns) And LMG (Light Machine Guns)

While AN94 with its latest patch turns out to be a disappointment, Treatment Gun clearly doesn’t fail us. Besides the ability to heal your teammates, it is also effective when it comes to attacking. Although MP40 offers a higher fire rate than P90, its magazine size is only half of the P90, so the P90 will properly be the better option. M249 is the only one listed under the LMG category but you shouldn’t waste your time with it. This weapon only works effectively in close combat and shotguns are way better for this type.

Free Fire Smg And Lmg

3. Sniper Rifles

KAR98K is a close shave but we recommend using it over AWM in this category. There isn't any significant difference in terms of rage but KAR98K allows much faster reload speed.

Free Fire Snipper Rifle

4. Shotguns And Launchers

When it comes to shotguns, no weapons can compare to SPAS12. With superior firepower and reload speed, SPAS12 is perfect for clearing closed spaces and buildings. With shotguns, there is no need to aim, just point it to the nearest foe and pull the trigger. Remember not to use shotguns in medium and long-range combat, hitting them with a rock may cause more damage in these kinds of encounters.

Free Fire Short Guns And Lauchers

5. Pistols And Crossbow

In Free Fire, using shotguns doesn’t appear to be a strategic way to play the game, and people are inclined to ditch them when discovering new weapons. However, you should take the M500 seriously as it can give you a much more auspicious start. With a range of 76, there is no significant difference between a sniper rifle and an M500. So other than M500, using other handguns isn’t highly recommended.

At the beginning of a match, a crossbow can be effective as an alternative weapon since its damage is just as high as sniper rifles. When you hit someone with a crossbow, he/she will continue to bleed and lose health points.

Free Fire Weapons Pistols And Crossbow

6. Melee Weapons And Throwables

The only thing we need to say about melee weapons is: don’t use them. You’ll find out that none of them is worth taking. Grenades are the only thing practical and have actual effects. You can use them to clear out rooms and lure the enemy out.

Free Fire Melee Weapons And Throwables

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