When it comes to Free Fire battles or any other third-person shooter games, many players choose to camp inside a building and wait until the very last minutes. Some others, on the contrary, take risks by playing offensively in the game. They would rather go out to kill and die in 5 minutes than do nothing in the entire match.

However, aggressive playing is not all about going big or going home. To get as many booyah's as possible, you really need not only great tools but also some tactics and a few tips. Here is the ultimate guideline an aggressive Free Fire play could ever find. Check them out.

Free Fire
The color scheme of Erangel is looking more the same as Free Fire

1. Loot as soon as you land

Obviously, getting a weapon is the first thing a player should do to join the match. However, many players waste too much time on finding the best loot spots on the map. Remember that you should never be unarmed even for a few seconds. Go pick up anything you have right after touching the ground.

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2. Go for a vest

Apart from trying your best to kill as much as possible, remember that you also get a higher risk of receiving some shots. Being a useful tool to protect yourself from the enemy's amours, a vest will be an essential piece of equipment that increases your chance of surviving in the battle.

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3. Active full control aim

While the aim assist is favored among many Free Fire beginners, it turns out to be a trap that eliminates your chance of scoring some headshots. To become a more professional aggressive player, say bye to the aim assist and learn how to control free aim. Of course, it takes time to practice and get acquainted with it but the experience of knocking out an enemy with a nice shot between the eyes is incomparable.

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4. Your positions are crucial

Your positions in the battle decide your life! For sure! In fact, targeting the enemies from a higher place give you a big advantage as you have a clear view and it’s always easier to shoot them on the head. Your enemies, on the other hand, will find it’s hard to see and target your body from a lower point of view. Therefore, the ideal place for aggressive players is on the rooftop or a top of a nearby hill.

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5. Go ahead for melee

Most players lost all of their confidence when running out of amour. However, you cannot run away all the time. There will be some situations when you’re so close to the enemies and the only way to save a life is to go all the way for it. Take out your pan and give him a few nice bonks while waiting for your gun to reload. Don’t forget to record it and share it as it’s entertaining too.

Of course, a close-up battle is always the last resort in case you can find some surrounding covers.

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Having a team leader is important

6. Stay moving

No matter if you bump into a mushroom on the field or kill a player and loot their box, never stay immobile. Staying still is the deadly mistake many players make as it will give camping snipers a great chance to blow your head off. The rule works when you’re in a fight with an enemy as keep moving will leave him confused and guessing.

Above are some useful tips for defensive players to get more kill and win rates. However, as mentioned above, there is a thin line between being a bold player and a foolhardy one. The difference is all about having flexible strategies like when to stay in cover and when to go all the way with the enemies. Hope that these tips will save you from death many times before soaring into a master!

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