When it comes to mobile game characters, Free Fire is obviously one of the games which have the most diverse characters line with nearly 30 different characters made available in-game. Apart from the default ones: Adam and Eve, each character in Free Fire offers a special ability which gives the advantage for players on different sides.

Recently, the Free Fire universe has taken its fans, especially Indian fans by storm, for announcing the release of its new character Jai who is based on a real Bollywood actor Hirick Roshan. As many Free Fire players want to know about his special ability, today, let put Jai and Alok, one of the most popular characters in FF, into comparison.

Is Jai Coming

Jai’s ability: Ranging Reload

Being introduced to have a special skill called Ranging Reload, the upcoming Jai will speedup the gun reload by 10-25% after the player knocks down an enemy. At level 6, the magazine will be reloaded 25% faster. However, the skill is only available for weapons like Piston, AR, and SMG only.

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Alok Beat Composer Bundle

DJ Alok's ability: Drop the Beat

Being one of the best characters in Free Fire, DJ Alok is well known for creating a 5m aura which not only increases the movement speed of ally by 10-15% but also helps the player gain 5HP within 10 seconds after each kill.

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Jai VS DJ Alok: Who has better skills?

It can be seen that both Jai and DJ Alok can give significant advantages for players in the battle. Despite having their own distinctive attributes, both can perform effectively with an aggressive playing technique. While Jail’s Ranging Reload skill is a passive one, DJ Alok is powerful with the active Drop the Beat skill. Both can support players in different ways.

Jai Vs Alok Free Fire

Of course, choosing a character in Free Free based on different criteria and mostly about the player's preference, take your ammunition styles and health capacity into consideration. In general, DJ Alok's skill still outdoes Jai's, given the fact that he can speed up the ally movement.

While DJ Alok can be acquired in the store with 599 diamonds, you can have a chance to get Jai first hand by taking part in the ongoing Be The Hero event. Check out more details about it right here: