Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game in the world. The game was published by Garena in 2017 for iOS and Android. Into the game, 50 players will be dropped into an abandoned island to pick up weapons, items, and fight until there is only one survivor left.

Free Fire has a rich character system with almost 30 unique characters, each with their own different skill, story. There are also pets that will help you in combat and skins to make you look both cooler and stronger.

free fire
Free Fire release new skins, items every season

Unlike many other battle royale titles, Free Fire doesn't afraid to be called pay-to-win and let players use Diamonds to make them stronger in battles. The game rolls out new content, new skins, new pets, new characters every season and it takes a lot of Diamonds for players to keep up with it.

Free Fire used to allow players to watch ads to get Diamonds but it is no longer an option anymore. Now, free-to-play players are looking for every way possible to get more diamond script in Free Fire.

game guardian
Game Guardian can get you unlimited Diamonds?

Among all the ways to get free Diamonds in Free Fire, there is a way that very well-known by the community using an app called Game Guardian. Words on the street are that it can even get you 99999 diamond script easily using a Free Fire Unlimited Diamond script Game Guardian

Is that the truth? We will explain to you what Game Guardian is and find out all about it here in this article.

What is Game Guardian?

Game Guardian is a very popular app among the Android community to modify numbers, data, of another game or app in real-time. Of course, the Game Guardian Free Fire diamond hack script app is being used mostly to hack/ cheat games on Android by modifying whatever numbers you want.

People often use it to pump up the number of currencies in their games such as Golds, Gems,... and buy whatever they want or unlock parts that require money to play. The app has been around for a very long time and it is famous for being able to do what it says. It is also completely free, totally free of any charge or ads, viruses so anyone can use it.

 Game Guardian
Game Guardian is a very popular app among the Android hacking community

The only setback is that you have to know how to use it. Unlike other hacking apps of diamond script for Free Fire where you just enter a number or tap some buttons, you will have to do all the work in Game Guardian by yourself, finding those encrypted numbers among million of other numbers in the data of the game and change it.

So for people who don't really into these kinds of stuff, it might be a little bit confusing and hard to use. Other than Game Guardian, there are similar apps that work the same way such as Lulubox, Lucky Patcher, SB Game Hacker,...

How to use Free Fire Unlimited Diamond script Game Guardian

You can download the Game Guardian APK file for free from the official website of the Game Guardian. Download it to your phone and install it. You also need to root your first to be able to use it.

Your job is now to find the number that represents Golds and Diamonds so you can modify them and change them into whatever numbers you want. Of course, you can't just find enter the number of your Gold/Diamond because there will be thousands of results.

Here is how to do it.

  • Open Free Fire and Game Guardian. Game Guardian should show as a small icon on the screen that you can tap on to open it.
 Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Script Game Guardian
Open both Free Fire and Game Guardian on your phone
  • Let say you have 3856 Golds and 100 Diamonds. Open Game Guardian, choose the search tab and the search icon on the far right.
  • Enter your 3856 (your number of Golds) in and start searching.
Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Script Game Gu
Choose the search bar
  • Now, you will see there is a lot of results show up. Don't worry, we will get there. Now close Game Guardian.
  • Go to Free Fire Store and just buy something with your Golds. Let's say you have 3656 Golds left after that.
  • Now go Game Guardian and choose the same search option. But you will search for the number 3656.
 Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Game Guardian
Buy something cheap with using Golds
  • There should be only one result now. If it not, do the same process again until there is only one left.
  • Now tap on the 3 tripe icon on the right and choose Edit Selected and tap "Goto" in the new window.
  • The number right below the 3656 number is your Diamond number.
Game Guardian
These are your Gold and Diamond data in Free Fire
  • The last step is simple. Tap on those numbers. Choose Dword. Enter 99999. Tick on Freeze and choose Yes.

You may have unlimited Diamonds, but

What Game Guardian does is changing the data on the game on your phone. However, the real data of your Diamonds and Golds is store on the Free Fire server, which Game Guardian cannot access. Whenever spend something that you can't afford, the Free Fire server will detect it and send an error message even though you are having 99999 Diamonds on your screen.

9999 Diamonds
These numbers from Free Fire unlimited diamond script Game Guardian 2020 are just for show

In short, the Diamonds you get from Game Guardian are not real and you can't use them.

Still, it is a very cool trick to know to trick your friends or avoid being scam by other people. Also. this method works 100% on offline games.

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