Free Fire x Money Heist is absolutely the biggest event this September. Apart from the much-anticipated The Professor’s Plan Bermuda and other in-game events in the theme of the South American TV web series, fans are also excited to see Free Fire x Money Heist mini-movies which are the game adaptation of the crime drama. A few days ago, the special mini-movie was made available on the official channel of Free Fire India Official. Before seeing the full movie, let’s take a look at what it is about:

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Free Fire Summer Holiday Heist is the special short movie dedicated to Indian players

Summer Holiday Heist is a special movie dedicated to Indian Free Fire players, especially students. The 12-minute-movie revolves around a group of students who decide the destination of their vacation with a Free Fire match in the customs room. While they are divided into two groups: Goa and Kasol, each player also takes up Indian cities as their nicknames like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Daman, or Ahmedabad. The battle between the two teams becomes much more intense as each team only has one member left: Chennai from Kasol and Delhi from Goa.

A group of students decides their summer destination via a Free Fire gameplay
How amazing it is to see a FF match in real life

However, when Chennai is about to fire his gun for a perfect headshot, an unexpected thing happens. What is the result of the battle and which destination the team will go to, see the full movie to get the answer

3 days after the release, Summer Holiday Heist has become a true sensation among Free Fire Indian fans with more than 30 lakh views on Youtube. Many players agreed that the short movie was amazing from the character performance, the plot, the effect, and especially the film concept. It’s so exciting to see a Free Fire battle in real life with a lot of interesting features like how they use the gloo wall. Some people even said that Free Fire should consider making movies as they can be blockbusters. Take a look at the comment here:

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Meanwhile, Free Fire also teases the global fans with a mind-blowing short movie Bank Robbery you cannot miss. Check out the video here:

Meanwhile, you can take part in Free Fire x Money Heist events in the app right now. Visit our website for more details!

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