Teased way back in July, finally, Free Fire's Money Heist event has kicked off. The main event of this month is based on the Netflix show "La Casa De Papel", one of the most popular on South American Netflix. In this article, we would discuss everything about this new event in detail - showing you what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

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Free Fire's Plan Bermuda Event

Event Calendar

The name of the event is Plan Bermuda: Free Fire x Money Heist. Overall, there are 6 phases for the event

1 - Prepare for the greatest heist ( Sept 6 to Sept 15 )

In this phase, players would have to complete various Greatest Heist Missions to acquire "Heist Mask Token" along with a few other rewards like Bonfire Playcard, Pet Food and Gold Coins. Players would be able to exchange for the event exclusive "Plan Bermuda Parachute" and  "Kitty Heist pet skin" at the end of the phase, between Sept 13 and 16.

2 - Map Divination ( Sept 6 to Sept 22)

By completing the "Map Divination" and watch the interactive video, players would be able to unlock a free Diamond Royale Voucher.

Bermuda's greatest heist missions

3 - Start some money printing ( Sept 13 to Sept 22 )

A global event in which all players would participate - rewards would be unlocked based on the milestones of money printed during the event. However, Garena has not revealed many details about this phase - they might do that in the next few days.

4 - Panda in Jumpsuit! ( Sept 13 to Sept 22)

No exact details are available yet. In this event, players would be able to get a Diamond Royale Voucher and a Panda pet Skin.

Calendar for La Casa De Papel

5 - Login for Free Permanent Gun Skin ( Sept 20 )

Everyone who logs into the game on Sept 20 would get a permanent gun skin and a Diamond Royale voucher.

6 - New Game Mode: La Casa De Papel ( Sept 20 to Sept 23 )

This mode is likely to be a rehash of Rampage 2.0 or a revision of "capture the flag" mode. 2 teams of 4 players each would be pitted into a race of printing money. To print, they would have to occupy the printing machines placed on set locations on the map and defend the area from invaders. The team who printed the most money would win the match.

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