As Free Fire OB24 patch has been made available on the Advance Server and FF fans cannot keep calm about it! Apart from the two new characters Dasha and Sverr, the Bermuda 2.0, the latest patch also sheds some light on Free Fire new pet Rockie, a raccoon that is introduced to be a game-changer.

Just like other pets in Free Fire, this tiny adorable creature is not only for decoration but also a great companion which gives you some advantage in the battle. Apart from taking a look at the special ability of Rockie, you will also want to know which characters this dope boy will make the best team with!

Free Fire Rockie

Free Fire new pet Rockie ability

Apart from the impressive appearance, Free Fire-new pet Rockie comes with a cool skill called Stay Chill which decreases the cooldown time of equipped active skill by 6% at level 1 and 15% at level 3. This is super cool as your character’s cooldown heel will be shortened impressively thanks to the Rockie’s Stay Chill skill.
As you might wonder what characters will get the most benefit from the Rockie Pet, here we get the answer!

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Free Fire Alok Character Banner

1. DJ Alok

Being one of the best Free Fire characters, DJ Alok is well-known for his Drop The Beat skill with which he can generate a 5-meter aura to gain HP and speed up the ally movement.His skill is ideal for aggressive players except for his very long cooldown time. With Rockie by his side, Alok’s standard cooldown time 50 seconds can be reduced by 7 seconds at level 3.

Novo Personagem Sverr Chega Ao Free Fire Confira A

2. Sverr

Being one of the two new characters in the Free Fire OB24 patch, Sverr owns the Going Berserk skill - the first true offensive skill ever in FF. This skill will help him to make the most damage with the least HP within 5 seconds. By having Rockie the raccoon as his companion, Sverr can significantly reduce his cooldown time and become more unbreakable in the game.

Steffie Portada

3. Steffie

While DJ Alok and Sverr are favored for their active and offensive skills, Steffie, on the other hand, is also a popular character who can protect not only her but also the whole clan with her Painted Refugee skills. When being attacked, the artist will create a safe circle that keeps them safe from the damage of bullets and explosions.

Apart from killing, of course, you also need to protect yourself from enemy and the Rockie pet is the best option to enhance the ability of this character.

Free Fire Clu Character

4. Detective Clu

With the Tracing Steps ability which allows players to locate the enemy within 30 meters, it will be ideal for Clu to have Rockie by her side as she can detect the enemy faster. For players who is having Clu on their hands, consider having the Free Fire new pet Rockie right now!

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