One of the most interesting facts about Free Fire characters is that most of them are based on real-life public figures. While fans are gushing over the newly-released Jai who is the game version of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, DJ Alok is still one of the best characters you can ever have in Free Fire. For those who lived under the rock, this character who is well known for his 'Drop the beat skill' is based on a real Brazilian DJ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo.

Dj Alok In Real Lie

IRL DJ Alok to play Free Fire!

Back to the end of last year, a video of the in-real-life DJ Alok playing Free Fire has gone viral on the internet. The video was uploaded by a gamer and Youtuber whose username is HahaPoga Gamer. It emerged on Youtube one month after DJ Alok's character was made official on the Free Fire online store.

However, Alok, with Free Fire username FuegoAlok, didn't pick his character and he was seen playing with the default one Adam. That's the reason why he was unable to 'drop any beat' during the game. Anyway, he still managed to get some kills and as the video was cut short, we are unable to watch till the end of the match. Check out the full video of the real-life DJ Alok playing Free Fire here:

The video went viral on the internet as not only Brazillian fans but also international got excited with the video. In the comment sections, we can find a lot of interesting and hilarious comments about the video. Check them out:


Alok 2

Who is DJ Alok in real life?

DJ Alok has officially become the playable character of the world-famous battle royale Free Fire since late 2019. When the character first dropped, due to the name “Alok” many people assumed that he was Indian. In fact, Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo (DJ Alok) is actually from Brazil. He is best known for the global hit “Hear Me Now”. In 2019, DJ Mag ranked him number 11 on their list of top 100 DJs. DJ Alok also serves for recreational purposes as players can perform the iconic dance to Brazil World Series theme song - Vale Vale.

One of the most outstanding traits about this character is that it can heal all nearby teammates and temporarily increase their speed. With the unique ability called “Drop the beat”, the DJ Alok character is capable of creating a 5m aura that boosts ally movement speed by 15% and reloads 5 HP for a time span of 10 seconds.

Owing to its powerful capacity, DJ Alok has become an incredibly preferred character in Garena Free Fire. Additionally, the DJ character also has its own exclusive character set called “Beat Composer”. To discover DJ Alok's exclusive avatar, accessories, and outfits, players can go through the in-game store and purchase whatever items they wish.

Dj Alok In Real Life

How to get DJ Alok character

DJ Alok with its top quality and popularity definitely comes at a high price. Indeed, it will cost you 599 diamonds to obtain this character. Follow these step below to obtain this special character in Free Fire:

  1. Sign in your Free Fire account and enter the store by clicking on the store icon.
  2. Choose the “character” button and find “ DJ Alok.
  3. Click on the “purchase” button and confirm to finish buying.

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