Being well-known as the most popular streaming platform for video game players, Twitch is now going further than that. The site is not only the place to stream video games but also to talk about everything in life and many other topics. In the controversial world of Twitch streamers, everything can happen but the story of this streamer will be the weirdest one.

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Raising Rs 187 Lakh for a house from Twitch

Recently, a female Twitch streamer username Gavrilka took cyberspace by storm for going live on Twitch and asked her viewers to donate money for an apartment. The most interesting thing is that the streamer used to raise funds for her dream house and received Rs 187 lakhs from Twitch viewers.

Having more than 1,7 lakh subscribers on Twitch, Gavrilka is a Russian girl who gained popularity thanks to her stunning appearance and sizzling figure. She is usually spotted in sexy dance, cooking and just chatting videos on Twitch. Earlier, the streamer landed in controversy for raising funds to buy her dream house. While her expected number is 200k, the streamer ended up receiving Rs 187 lakhs from her fans after just a few weeks.



But she shows no sign to stop

According to the streamer, half of the fund she received was from ‘a generous man’ who donated Rs 58 lakhs. Apart from being shocked and grateful for that, the streamer also added that she didn’t waste the money on anything but saving it for her dream house.

Because of the mixed comments and aggression about asking people for money to buy a house, Gavrilka finally deactivated her account and remained silent about the whopping Rs 187 lakhs she has raised. However, after a few months later, the controversial streamer is back and continues her donation campaign for another Rs 58 lakhs. This time, she aims to buy an apartment and the streamer mentioned neither the 256k donation she received nor her dream house she asked for last time.

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While many people have to work for decades to earn such that amount of money for their own house, this lucky girl is literally winning a fortune thanks for her IRL chatting videos on Twitch. Here is a video of her so you can understand while she made it possible!

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