When it comes to the video game live streaming industry, many people believe that it is easier for a female streamer to become popular. In a community in which most of the members are males, a female streamer can draw a great deal of attention without being really good at playing games. There is a fact that a lot of female streamers are racking up views and money just for her stunning appearance, attractive figure, and some sense of humor.

However, being a female streamer has never been an easy game. There are many young girls who confessed that they suffered from stress, discrimination, and sexual harassment while working in the gaming industry. Today, we won’t talk about the glamorous life of female streamers but the darkest sides of their career which have never been revealed!

Female Streamers

The dark side of female streamers in the gaming world

‘Depressed people struggle to reach out in fear the ones closest to them will have cops show up and forcefully confine them against their will. so they’re stuck feeling alone with their dark thoughts because they don’t want to be trapped where they just feel worse.”

That is the very last word of Ohlana, a popular Twitch streamer who decided to give up on her life a few days after her post. In fact, she is not the first and the only female streamers who suffer from stress, mental disorder, or depression. Working in a male-dominated industry, these streamers have to cope up with a lot of hardships, and discrimination ib obviously the biggest one.

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Discrimination and gender imparity

Earlier this year, a female Twitch streamer whose nickname is QuarterJade uploaded a video of her being ridiculed and mocked by other players for just being a girl. They didn’t stop at making fun of her but also body-shamed her appearance with rude and defensive manners.

The video took the internet by storm and received a lot of support from other female streamers. Many of them also revealed that it is the reason why they never want to speak or reveal their real gender during the game.

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Being one of the most popular streamers in England, Leahviathan also got slammed just because of her gender and appearance. According to the streamer, she was said to bagged several endorsements just for being a beautiful girl, not a great player.

Back to the year of 2014, the GamerGate controversy which focused on sexism and progressivism in the gaming world left cyberspace unrest as the accounts of many female streamers were hacked and their information was leaked on the internet. They also received a lot of death and rape threat.

Sexual harassment

With the recent trend of female streamers to join Twitch, the biggest streamer platform for a gamer has witnessed a #MeeToo wave from many female streamers who spoke up on their sexual harassment experience by other male players on the platform. Among many male players who were accused of sexual misconduct was an acclaimed World of Was streamer MethodJosh. He was slammed by a long list of women for asking for sexual favors and innuendo to many girls including underage ones.


However, the threat and pressure of female streamers received no longer come from cyberspace anymore. Earlier this month, another Twitch female streamer Sweet_Anita desperately confessed that she has been stalked by a male stranger for 9 months. Despite the probation, this man tried to follow her everywhere she went and interrupted her Livestream sections.

In fact, he has been arrested once last year and was found with a knife. He was ban from her town but However, he broke the probation rule and kept following her despite the legal restriction.