MrBeast is no longer a strange face on YouTube anymore. The YouTuber is famous for giving his friends and random people a large amount of money to make content for his videos. In return, these videos also get millions of views on YouTube and stay trending for days.

This time, MrBeast challenged 100 Minecraft fans to build a house in Minecraft, and the person who can build the best house will get a real house worth $100,000. All players have 1 hour to build their house using whatever they can with no limitation.

If You Build A House Ill Pay For It 5 20 Screensho
Someone even built an entire skyscraper but unfortunately, he didn't have enough time

As you might imagine, the competition went wild as people try to create all kinds of houses that they can think of.

Some people decided to build a house from their imagination while others try to replicate the house from famous media games and movies such as Spongebob Squarepants, Among Us, Up!, and even Club Penguin. These famous designs from beloved movies and games got a high score but in the end, the winning house was actually a very creative original design, a snow globe house.

If You Build A House Ill Pay For It 5 54 Screensho
The wooden house from the movie UP

The Minecraft player SaveMrSquishy built a small house inside a glass sphere with Christmas decorations such as a Christmas tree, Santa, a dog,... The house gets a total of 28 points and won the $100,000 house from MrBeast. The player revealed that he was making this house in class and even called his mom to show off this victory to her.

If You Build A House Ill Pay For It 7 41 Screensho

You can check out the full video below and check out his channel because who knows? You might be the next one to get $100,000.

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