How Many Types of Streamers Are There, And Which One Should You Be?

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Hands up who wants to make a living working online? The freedom to be your own boss and get paid to do what you love sounds pretty appealing, right? Well, we wouldn’t say it’s an easy journey to becoming a streamer as a job, but if you have some free time and you are prepared to put in the hours without financial reward while you’re getting your feet wet - then you might just be able to make it as a streamer.

There are plenty of streamer types to choose from, so which one fits you best?

The Single-Player Gamer

A bit of a lone wolf? Then single-player gaming might be up your alley. Whether you play online with other people (without their audio), or you have a full PvE (that’s Player versus Environment) game, you can stream to your heart's content without worrying too much about other people besides your audience. While there are some people that find success playing just one game, it’s good to diversify by playing multiple different games. This helps to appeal to a wider audience as well as hook in your current audience more so that they don’t get bored.

The Team Gamer

Got a crew and want to go pro(ish) with your gaming? Then team gaming streaming might be right up your alley. Even if you are not great at gaming, if your team is witty with good banter, then you can likely keep viewers hooked for hours - depending on your game of choice. For these type of gamers, open world games can be pretty handy as the focus is on the chat. You probably want to put more time into your camaraderie (rather than full-on stressful missions and such), which can come in the form of games like Minecraft.

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The Slots Streamer

We bet you didn’t know this, you can even become a streamer if you love online slots! But, make no mistake, you won’t be simply sitting on your computer chair, playing slots as you would on your typical weekend afternoon. Instead, you’ll need to sit up straight and start turning on the charm for your viewers rather than lazily clicking to spin that wheel. Slots streamers can also make money from the casinos they play at and not just the streaming platform they are on -  this can be done by picking casinos with free play bonuses and affiliate marketing schemes.

The Musician

Those with a knack for music might be more suited to being a musical streamer. The musical streaming format is now quite popular on TikTok for these sorts of experiences, and live DJ sets exploded during Covid, as people held solo dance parties at home. It helps if you’re good at what you do musically and have an interesting backdrop. Many musical streamers will live stream while they are out busking on the streets. This is a great idea as you can be making actual cash at the same time as gathering an online audience.

The Day in the Life Streamer

Is your life interesting enough to be broadcast around the world? From Get Ready With Mes to fast food reviews, and simply heading out for a walk or into the backyard, there are plenty of people out there streaming their ‘regular’ everyday lives. For this type of streamer, you’ll want to have a loveable personality and be good at coming up with new ideas. While streaming your life might seem like the easiest route to take, unless you plan carefully and keep your audience entertained with new activities, thoughts, and people, you’ll end up losing viewership.

The NSFW Streamer

This one isn’t for everyone, and is usually something only chosen as a profession by females - the NSFW streamer. This type of streaming has dedicated platforms and you can’t usually stream on regular platforms - unless you’re covered up. Many NSFW streamers diversify on other platforms where they find new audiences to bring across - a clever type of marketing. Different NSFW platforms have different types of payments, for instance, sometimes you’re tipped depending on what a viewer would like you to do. Do be aware that screen grabs do happen, so if you want to do NSFW streaming, you need to be prepared for the fact that family and friends might find out.

If you’re still not sure if you’ve quite found the right streaming type for you, then make sure to have a browse around the categories on Twitch. While Twitch isn’t the world’s only streaming platform, it certainly is the world’s biggest streaming platform - so you’re bound to find just about everything you could imagine on their site. Have browse, have a watch, and have a think - could you imagine yourself there?

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