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Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, one of the most infamous names on Twitch is actually earning the most money. She was the pioneer that started the whole hot-tub stream on Twitch. Twitch then had to create a whole new Category for Hot Tub streams.

Amouranth is a very controversial female streamer on Twitch

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Amouranth Reveals Her Earning

While constantly making controversial content, Amouranth has always been able to dodge the ban, until last month. Amouranth was banned for inappropriate ASMR content for a few days. However, it didn't slow her down at all. Recently, during a stream with H3H3, she revealed that it was actually her best month as she earned $1.1 million (~ Rs 8.1 crores).

"Last month was actually my highest month ever. I made 1.1 million last month."

Also, she mentioned that this money was from a source that is not Twitch. There is a high chance that this was her earning from her OnlyFan account, where people subscribe and pay money to see her exclusive content.

If she was able to make $1.1 million in a month, it is safe to assume that she is a millionaire and her net worth is much higher than this. With such a high earning, it is quite easy to understand why Amouranth kept involving in Twitch drama. Obviously, it is working really well for her.

Amouranth is currently having 630 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel and 3.9 million followers on her Twitch channel.

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