Twitch is currently the biggest game streaming platform in the world. It has been around for 10 years now with a huge community of viewers and streamers. It is the first thing that everyone thinks of when talking about streamers and streaming in general.

Twitch Emotes
Twitch has an endless collection of emotes contributed by the community over the year.

Over the year, Twitch has even built up its own culture through a form of communication that no other platform can achieve, emotes. Unlike common emoji that you commonly see in various social media such as Facebook, Twitch has an unlimited collection of unique emotes that are created by users. Each of these emotes all have their own history and allow users to express their feeling in a unique and fun way.

In this article, we are going to talk about an emote called "monkaS", one of the most popular emote of all time on Twitch.

1. MonkaS meaning on Twitch

MonkaS is a BTTV or BetterTTV emote on Twitch. It is used to express fear, worries, anxiety, high tension,... etc. The emote monkaS is an illustration of a sweating Pepe the Frog as in the picture below. Twitch users need to have BBTV extension installed on their browsers in order to see the monkaS emote in chat on the platform.

Monkas 1
The monkaS emote shows a sweat Pepe the Frog.

About Pepe the Frog

Pepe the Frog is a meme on the internet. He is originated from a comic book by Matt Furie called Boy's Club in 2005. Its popularity steadily increased across many social media in 2008 and it became one of the most popular memes in the world by 2015.

Pepe The Frog
Pepe The Frog is a comic character that turned into a worldwide meme on the internet.

There are a lot of emotes on Twitch that use the image of Pepe the Frog to express different emotions such as monkaS, FeelBadMan, FeelOkayMan,...

MonkaS Origin

The first MonkaS emote appeared on a 4chan thread back on July 16th, 2011. On March 16th, 2016, a Twitch user called MonkaSenpai uploaded the emote to BTTV. The name monkaS is short for monkaScared and was derived from his user name.

Monkas Spam
A common monkaS spam in Twitch chat

The emote monkaS was then popularized by Forsen, a former Hearthstone streamer, 2017. Forsen chat is known for spamming the chat with emotes a lot, mostly to annoy the streamer. The viewers of his channel spread the use of this emotes everywhere. Twitch viewers love this emote so much that they would spam this emote non-stop hence creating the "DON'T OVERUSE monkaS" spam.

2. Why you can't see the monkaS emote on Twitch?

There are normal Twitch emotes and there are BTTV emotes. monkaS is a BTTV emote.  Everyone can access and see normal Twitch emotes. As for BTTV emotes, you need to install the BTTV extension on your browser in order to see them. You can download and install BTTV from this website:

Bttv Twitch
You need to install the BTTV extension in order to see BTTV emotes in the chat.

The BTTV extension is only available on certain browsers on PC. There is currently no BTTV for mobile devices yet. So if you are watching using the Twitch app on your phone, you can't see BTTV emotes, including monkaS. You can still type BTTV emote in the chat and people who have BTTV will see it.

Also, the streamer/ channel you are watching on Twitch must enable the emote, or else the emote won't show for anyone even if you have BTTV.

Bttv 1
The BTTV settings offer more options for you to customize your Twitch even more.

Using emotes actually takes up half of the fun experience on Twitch so I would advise you to install BTTV right now to get all the fun. BTTV can also help you personalize Twitch with many new options such as seeing deleted messages, chat anonymously, BTTV emote menu,...

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3. Variation of the monkaS emote on Twitch

There is a lot of variations of monkaS emote on Twitch. Most of them are used for the same purpose. Here we will show you the most popular monkaS variations.

  • monkaW

The MonkaW emote, an amplified version of MonkaS like several other "W" emotes, serves to intensify the expression. It signifies a streamer's excitement or encounter with a tough opponent, yet it can also convey feigned concern, often used ironically. Its smaller size enhances the facial tension, emphasizing worry.

monkaW zoom in closer to the face of the frog, creating a more tense effect

Despite its popularity, MonkaW isn't directly accessible on Twitch itself; extensions like "FrankerFaceZ" or "Better Twitch TV" are necessary. This limitation raises the question: why?


MonkaW originates from MonkaS, showcasing "Pepe The Frog," a character from Matt Furie's "Boy's Club" comic, known for its sweaty appearance. However, the broader usage of "Pepe The Frog" in communities beyond gaming has led Twitch to avoid featuring emotes with the frog. Consequently, it's unlikely that these frog-related emotes will become part of Twitch's Global Emotes due to concerns from various user groups.

  • monkaOMEGA

MonkaOMEGA is an emote found on Twitch TV through the FrankerFaceZ extension.

Derived from MonkaS, it features Pepe the Frog with enlarged, almost surreal, round eyes and visible sweat, intensifying the emotional impact compared to the original.

This version specifically portrays extreme levels of anxiety and pressure, akin to the feeling when one's full name is used by their mother.


The MonkaS emote, where the nervous Pepe first emerged in 2011 on 4chan, serves as the basis for this imagery.

KaiOwei uploaded MonkaOMEGA to FrankerFaceZ in 2017, a year following the original inclusion of MonkaS in the emote library.

How did it spread?

By 2020, MonkaOMEGA had been utilized in over 20,000 sets and recognized as a MonkaS variation on KnowYourMeme.

The Monka emotes, featuring Pepe the Frog, stand among Twitch TV's most popular emotes due to the widespread recognition of the meme figure, a prominent icon in Internet meme culture.

monkaOMEGA is a variation of the emote but it is not used as commonly.
  • Poggers

Poggers, a term gaining recent traction in the online gaming sphere, particularly on platforms like Twitch and Discord, serves as an expression of enthusiasm or excitement, akin to phrases like “cool” or “awesome.” It's commonly seen in chat rooms or voiced in chats to convey agreement or elation.


Derived from “pogChamp,” a Twitch emote featuring Gootecks, a professional gamer, portraying surprise and excitement, Poggers is an evolution of the term “pog.” The original emote signifies thrilling or unforeseen moments. “Pog” itself is an expression of excitement, and “poggers” is a variation stemming from that.

Above is everything you need to know about monkaS meaning and its origin. Do come back for more useful posts.

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