On March 14, Ludwig Ahgren, an American streamer, YouTuber started a never-ending marathon stream that allows the viewer to extend the length of the stream using their subs. For each subscriber, 10 seconds will be added to the total stream time Legwig needs to do. The streamer at first thought that it would end within just 24 hours at most. But then after few days, he slowly realized that people were more than willing to sub just to keep his stream on forever.

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Yesterday, Ludwig's stream has come to an end with 31 days in total. But it wasn't because people stopped subbing to him, it was because he put a cap of 31-days on it, or else it will actually never end. Ludwig is now the most-subscribed streamer on Twitch with more than 282,000 subscribers, beating the record of Ninja in 2018.

For the duration of the 31-day stream, the viewers get to see every bit of Ludwig during his day. Most of the time, he plays different games, eats, sleeps, and has between activities such as working out in his garage, sleeping, taking bathroom breaks.

At the end of the stream, finally getting free from his success, Ludwig and his friends destroyed the race car bed, where he has been staying on stream for the last month. Ludwig also confirms that this is only a one-time thing and he will never do that again in his life.

“It’ll never happen again,” Ahgren said. “And that’s a good thing. You were here for the last subathon I’ll ever do. I’ll still be live. I’ll still be doing things...But this will fade, which is why it was special. And also why I was able to do it in the first place—because I knew it was contained.”

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