Streaming is no doubt among the hottest jobs when it comes to MMO, but to earn such a whopping amount of money like these top streamers in India, you must specialize in various games as well as have excellent communication skills to please your audience.

Today, let’s take a look at the top streamers income in India in 2021 to see whether this job is worth trying or not!

1 - Regaltos/ Parv Singh

Regaltos starred as a PUBG Mobile player before the game was banned. He is now developing more diverse content on his 1.84M-subscriber channel. With his hard work, the recent videos of Regaltos are having more views than some weeks ago.

Regaltos Streamers Income
Fans of Soul feel much relieved when they have Regaltos in the team.

When he plays for Team Soul along with Mortal, Regaltos is renowned for his lightning-fast reactions. However, compared to other streamers’ income, Regaltos needs more time to attract a larger number of subscribers as well as earn higher rates from this gaming job.

Each month Regaltos receives around 2 lakh and his net worth is approx. 18 lakh INR.

2 - The Rawknee Games/ Rony Das Gupta

The Rawknee Games, created by Rony Das Gupta, has 2.31 million subscribers at the moment. Before streaming Minecraft videos as of now, The Rawknee Games was well known for PUBG Mobile highlights.

The Rawknee Games
Rony Das Gupta spent over a decade in developing his channels.

Rony is one of the oldest streamers in India who set up The Rawknee Snow a decade ago. Sharing about his streaming job, he said he would never have thought playing games became his profession. Even now his grandmother thinks he develops games and does something on the computer as for her, playing is not work.

In fact, Rony Das Gupta earned much more money when he streamed his PUBG videos before it was banned in India. Having said that, The Rawknee Games’ owner reportedly has a net worth of nearly $300,000 or 2 crore of Indian rupees.

Some sources cited that he earned roughly 2 lakh per month.

3 – Kronten Gaming/ Chetan Chandgude

The man behind Kronten Gaming is another popular Indian gaming streamer that earns quite a lot from his digital job. His channel has 2.13 subscribers at the time of writing and the number keeps increasing daily. He is also credited in top 5 Youtubers of PUBG Mobile.

Kronten Gaming
Kronten Gaming has a very unique style when it comes to fashion.

Though the game hasn’t made a comeback to the Indian market, Chetan Chandgude continues streaming this game on his Youtube account. Each video gets around 100K views within the first day of publish. Besides, he is also an avid player of such games as GTA Vice City, Counter Strike or Dota 2.

According to reports, Chetan Chandgude earns 2 lakh to 5 lakh per month, adding to his total net worth of up to $1 million or 10 crore in Indian rupees.

4 – Sc0ut/ Tanmay Singh

Rising as one of the top streamers in India, Tanmay Singh has gained more than 3.4 million subscribers on his Sc0ut channel. Last year, he was present in the top 200 most influential people in Asia 2020. Other than PUBG and Free Fire, the Youtuber is recently playing Genshin Impact, Valorant and Minecraft.

Sc0ut is predicted to surpass other senior streamers in the foreseeable future.

In case you don’t know, Tanmay Singh was part of many famous teams as Soul, XSpark, Raw, IND or Godlike. His skills are the reason behind such quick acceleration in the number of his subscribers.

The streaming job brings back 2.5 to 5 lakh to Sc0ut while he also earns money from brands and shows. His net worth is around 36 lakh to 72 lakh.

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5 – MortaL/ Naman Mathur

Like other streamers in this list, Naman is an avid player of multiple games, ranging from PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Valorant to FIFA 21. At present, his channel MortaL has gained over 6.3 million subscribers.

Mortal's income is a bit modest compared to the number of followers he has.

Before the ban of Chinese apps in India, Naman is probably the best PUBG Mobile player in the country who competed in various competitions with other Team SouL members. When it comes to Call of Duty, Naman is also among the most famous players for having a video with the Bollywood heartthrob Tiger Shroff.

In 2021, Naman earns about 3 lakh per match he’s in. His net worth is around 7 crore of Indian rupees.

6 – Carry Minati/ Ajey Nagar

Carry Minati
Carry Minati is leading the list of top streamers income in India.

With 29.5 million subscribers on his original Youtube channel and over 8.9 million on his streaming account, Carry Minati is among the highest-paid streamers on the market. The Youtuber allegedly earns Rs 25 lakh per month while having accumulated a whopping net worth of 32 crore in 2021.

Carry Minati not only gets his income from Youtube ads or donations but also earns a great deal from endorsement contracts. He isn’t shy from flaunting his luxury lifestyle with a fleet of exotic cars and designer clothes.

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7 – Dynamo Gaming/ Aaditya Sawant

Even when his signature game was no longer available in India, Dynamo Gaming is still dominating the streaming market with 9.14 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Dynamo Gaming
With over 9 million subscribers, Dynamo Gaming is a legend in the streaming market.

Reports show that Aaditya earns approximately 5 lakh per month from streaming services, but this amount could be much higher when adding his salary from endorsements or other collaboration contracts.

Dynamo Gaming’s net worth in 2021 is estimated at 20 crore of Indian rupees.

Above are top streamers income in India 2021. While some enjoy a significant increase in their earnings thanks to the increasing subscribers, many suffered a drop in the number of endorsement contracts due to the pandemic. However, with these streamers' salaries, we understand why more and more Indian teenagers hope to have their gaming start-up online.

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