GTA 5 is still super popular in 2021, eight years since its release. Many streamers kickstarted their career with this game and have become extremely popular. In this article, we are going to showcase the most famous Indian GTA 5 streamers on YouTube.

1. Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia is one of the most popular Youtube streamers in India, with a subscriber base of 21.6 million. He began streaming on the platform in 2017... and his fame has grown exponentially since then.

He streams a great variety of games. From PC games like GTA 5, Minecraft or Ranch Simulator to online competitive games like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire.

Overall, his GTA 5 streams are still amongst the most popular. They are renowned for Techno Gamerz's witty narrations, which he often combined with various unique GTA 5 mods.

Techno Gamerz GTA 5
With his relentless efforts, Techno Gamerz totally deserves being the second most famous Youtube streamer in India.

2. Dynamo Gaming

Adii Sawant, also known as Dynamo Gaming, is a massive GTA RP streamer with 9.54 million subscribers on YouTube. Dynamo Gaming streams GTA RP weekly and plays PUBG on other days. While GTA 5 was one of his first games, it is PUBG Mobile that brought him to fame.

He often role-plays as his character, "Shiva Nayak," who is a police officer. Dynamo Gaming plays on the HTPR server with his friends.

Pubg Dynamo GTA 5
From PUBG Mobile to now GTA 5, Dynamo Gaming proves his skills in any game he's in.

3. Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar, more popularly by his YouTube name Carry Minati needs no introduction. He is amongst the most followed Indian YouTuber, with almost 28 million subscribers on his main channel, where he puts up roast videos.

His second channel on YouTube, CarryisLive, is mainly for gaming livestreams, with a respectable 8 million subscribers. Ajey started gaming at a very young age, dropped out of school at the age of 17, to become a full-time YouTuber and streamer. He streams a variety of games like Spiderman, Call of Duty, and GTA V.

You may refer to Carry Minati PC specs to see how his device could handle that number of games smoothly.

Carry Minati Gta 5
With his fun communication, Carry Minati GTA 5 streaming sessions are full of support.

4. RakaZone Gaming

Rishab Karanwal, also known as RakaZone Gaming on YouTube, is an Indian GTA RP streamer with over 450k subscribers. He roleplays as Mr. Marlega on the SVRP server and is known for his GTA RP gameplay videos.

Overall, his content is on the funnier side as the guy uses a heavy voice filter and messes around with his friends on the SVRP server. Overall, RakaZone streams GTA RP about least 4 days a week and plays other games like Call of Duty Warzone, Valorant, or Chess in between.

Rakazone Gaming
Contrary to his rather serious look, his streaming is very funny and appealing.

5. Qayzer Gaming

Qayzer Gaming a.k.a Qasier Khan is a GTA 5 RP streamer on YouTube with 85,900 subscribers. Similar to other streamers above, he also roleplaying in the SVRP servers as his character Tillu Galoch.

Qayzer Gaming streams GTA RP almost every day. He often collabs with RakaZone Gaming who also plays on the SVRP server. The guy rarely ever streams anything else, but when he does, its either Apex Legends or Chatting stream.

Qayzer Gaming
Like other streamers, Qayzer Gaming experiments lots of games other than GTA 5.

Above is the list of top 5 leading Indian GTA 5 streamers on Youtube. You can subscribe to their channels to update latest videos, or visit to get the latest news in the gaming industry.

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