While streamers have made efforts to create addictive content, others hope to steal the spotlight by stirring up the Internet via controversial content. Who are they? The following list consists of 5 streamers who are always under a lot of controversies.

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5. BadBunny

BadBunny mainly draws a lot of attention on the Internet by putting on sexy outfits and taking up yoga. However, this streamer was seen insulting her viewers when they didn’t donate to her. She called them freeloaders. No need to say, the Twitch community felt very angry with her and BadBunny has kept coming under fire.

4. Mitch Jones

Although Mitch Jones doesn’t actually stir up trouble or becomes the main character in a scandal, he still occupies a slot on this list. The reason behind it depends on his method to gain views on live streams. Like some streamers, he soon realizes that trolling friends or people or causing trouble tends to gain popularity more easily.


3. Amouranth

It’s not surprising that Amouranth appears on this list because of her sexual style. Revealing breasts or something like that is one of the indispensable parts of her streams. It worth mentioning that despite her controversial content, Amouranth has kept working on Twitch. She has got many temporary bans but she is never banned permanently. Netizens sometimes wonder why Amouranth and a few female streamers have got special treatment on such a popular streaming community as Twitch.

2. MaximilianMus

It’s never easy to maintain fame, especially in the streaming community. And that’s exactly what MaximilianMus has experienced. His meme “Oh yeah” used to go viral on the Internet; however, he then didn’t know how to keep drawing the attention of viewers. He started to troll or mock YouTubers to gain more views and this unwise decision leads to MaximilianMus losing the majority of his fans.

1. Alinity

Alinity’s popularity mainly comes from controversies such as the cat abuse scandal or her feud with PewDiePie in 2018. PewDiePie then tried to help her but haters are gonna hate. Alinity even had a break out of the streaming community but no one knows whether she arouses anger on the Internet once again or not.

There are always a lot of controversies around Alinity.

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