YouTuber Park Dahyun has drawn a lot of attention on the Internet due to her sweet beauty, perfect body, and especially her love for cats.

Speaking of Park Dahyun, she is also known as a popular model in Korea. Her outstanding appearance, beautiful face, charming smile, and hot body are amongst the biggest advantages to help her win the hearts of the netizens, as well as gain certain success in the modeling industry.

Park Dahyun

There are more than 7.4 lakh followers on her Instagram account. The netizens often give her a lot of acclaim for her sweet appearance; however, as Park Dahyun admits, she has to do regular exercises, play many kinds of sports including jogging, swimming, golf, as well as to follow a healthy diet in a bid to maintain her perfect figure.

On social networks, the Korean YouTuber sometimes reveals to the netizens about her gorgeous life and experiences with luxurious services. She often posts blogs to review well-known landscapes and resorts.


The majority of her fans derive from Asian countries such as China and Thailand. Many love calling her “the muse” or “the lovely doll”.

Apart from her career as a model, Dahyun also works as the face of many brands about cosmetics and food. Her income mainly comes from her product reviews. On live streams, she often reveals to her viewers her interesting experiences in daily life.

It is rumored that Dahyun hasn’t ever dated any guy till now. She is caught going alone in many events or tours. That’s why the netizens always feel curious about her romantic relationship.

Her best friend is a lovely cat. The hot YouTuber sometimes boasts about her happy moments alongside the pet on live streams. And it is obvious that she successfully manages to attract more followers thanks to her special friend.


Take a look at her photos:

Youtuber 1

Youtuber 2

Youtuber 3

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