As more and more people are made to stay home, the need for online entertainment dramatically increases. Many flocks to TikTok, the trending short-video sharing flatform, to let off some steam. That gives birth to a new series of challenges that can be done indoors. Previously, we had the Naked Challenge, where people go around naked and record their partners’ reactions. But that’s still culturally tolerable as compared to the latest one: the Pee Your Pant Challenge. 

pee your pants challenge 1
More and more are taking part in this unhygienic challenge, including girls

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Urinating your pants is a thing now. It appears that TikTok users have gotten really really bored to come up with something like this. Some might call this “creative”, but on how we look at it, the challenge crosses the moral line. 

The #peeyourpantschallenge hashtag has currently attracted more than 40,00,000 views on TikTok. The concept is rather simple: Use a mirror to film yourself saying “pee your pants challenge”, and then let your bladder do the work. In many videos uploaded on the platform, you can see the users’ pants get noticeably wet. However, we can’t actually tell whether they did urinate or not. 

pee your pants challenge girl
The challenge is simply unpleasant to look at

The infamous challenge started on April 21 from a video uploaded by Liam Weyer, a 21-year-old comedian in Kansas. The video showed an increasingly larger wet spot on his pants. It took off in popularity since then. 

pee your pants challenge
Liam Weyer is the one who started it all

The challenge creator, Weyer told the Insider that he was actually surprised that the challenge caught on. He wanted to mock other pointless challenges on TikTok by making a parody of an even more obnoxious challenge. It seems like his plan has reverse effects as the app users now take the Pee Your Pants challenge as a trend. 

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