Havanna Winter was born on April 4, 2006, in Norway. She is first got lots of attention on Instagram when she reached 500,000 followers. She then signed with a music company called Livewave Inc to make music. Havanna Winter used to be in the stage production of  The Lion King, Hairspray, and School of Rock.

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Havanna Winter is mostly known for her Instagram and her cute face

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Havanna moved to California with her family since she was 9. Thanks to her lovely face and a sexy body, her Instagram grew popular and she got to work with many popular influencers and Youtubers. It's hard for anyone to believe that this girl is only 14 years old. But she is actually just a teenager with a body that many grown-up girls dream of. Let's take a look at some of the photos of Havanna Winter on Instagram, where she is most famous for.

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Havanna Winter go hiking with her dog in the morning
Her dressing style is also part of the reason why she looks more mature than her real age


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Havanna Winter is currently working with a music company and we can expect to hear a new product from her soon
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Havanna Winter has a perfect fit body that many grown-up girls want to have

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Looking at this girl, who can imagine that she is only 14 years old with such body

Other than Instagram, Havanna Winter also has a TikTok account with 2.1 million followers. She uploads videos on Instagram and TikTok separately so you would want to follow her on both platforms to catch her latest video and picture.  Reaching these milestones while she is only 14 years old, the future career of this girl in the showbiz is going to be great with many open paths.

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