In a developing world, career opportunities are open to everyone. But not everybody is lucky enough to choose a suitable job which they can stick with for a long time. And the aforementioned point has only recently been strengthened even more after the online community witnessed the story of Itokamiki.

The emerging hot girl has made a surprising turn in her life and it seems to worth it to her.

Received a lot of offers to do adult movies

Accordingly, many people were surprised by the recent story of Itokamiki. Two years ago, despite receiving many calls, Itokamiki - with innocent beauty and a sexy body, chose to reject all temptations and determined to become a kindergarten teacher.

But two years later, she seems to find the job not suitable and regretted her previous decision. Therefore, she changed her career again, to a job that surprised many people. She becomes a hot model who specializes in taking sensitive photos. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are gaining followers.

Itokamiki 1

Itokamiki himself probably somewhat regretted turning down the offers several years ago. Specifically, on her personal page recently, she also posted a photo comparing herself in the past and at present.

One is when she was a preschool teacher and the other is when she entered the idol career of Gravure, along with a short but full of exclamation caption, "This is bad".

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Ditched a job as a teacher to be a seductive model

Instead of a standard, elegant teacher like before, Itokamiki now feels extremely comfortable wearing and posing in bikinis and swimsuits like any other Gravure idol. She also shared that two years ago, she also received countless invitations, both from 18+ film studios or asked to be a hot photo model.

However, she refused just because of her passion to teach young kids. Now that everything has changed completely, she realizes that being a photo model is what she wants the most.

Itokamiki 2

Although her face can be not as extremely stunning as other models, her features stay the highlight of every frame. From her incredibly small waist to her massive bosoms, they make the bikinis and swimwears suddenly become feel more cramped than ever.

Her illicit images, meanwhile, helped the hot girl achieve lots of successes. She even became the favorite face of many passionate male fans.

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