Like any other, some streamers also experience embarrassing moments in front of many viewers. Some even got banned immediately on a live stream, while others, more luckily, just got an unforgettable memory.

Here is the list of 5 streamers who forgot to turn the camera off! They include Søren Bjerg, NovaPatra, Tfue, OMGchad, and Pokimane.

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Søren Bjerg

As a pro League of Legends eSports player, Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg is now a member of TSM. There are about 45 lakh followers on his Twitch account and up to 2.51 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. In the first incident in this article, the mistake didn’t come from Søren Bjerg but his mom.

While our streamer was on a live stream, his mom entered the room but it worth mentioning that she was wearing a bikini. He immediately closed the door and said to mom what’s happening.


Ranked No.2 on this list of 5 streamers is Canadian streamer NovaPatra. Her Twitch account has about 1.48 lakh followers. However, NovaPatra wasn’t as lucky as Søren Bjerg because she rapidly got banned by Twitch. There is nothing to discuss more. For those unknown, you can read her tweet as below:

Nova Twitter



In the past, Tfue was known as the best Fortnite gamer. No one can deny his excellent skills. His incident took place in 2019. Tfue didn’t remember to turn the camera off and started to mumble about feeling hungry before leaving there.


It took him five minutes to realize that he didn’t leave the stream. Tfue came back without a shirt on and turned the stream off. Of course, Tfue’s incident was considered normal compared to others’ ones.


Chad Johnson, better known as OMGchad, is known as a Minecraft streamer. His Twitch account has about 50k followers while his YouTube channel attracts more than 1.17 lakh subscribers. It was funny that his lovely cat was the one to turn on a live stream, instead of OMGchad. In fact, this streamer was sleeping at that time.

Only after his friend called him, OMGchad woke up and switched the stream off. However, this stream lasted 10 minutes.


Pokimane is amongst the most-interested female streamers on the Internet. However, she used to lose her control on live streams many times. Last year, she forgot to end up her stream, and therefore, viewers saw her friends in the room.


It worth mentioning that Pokimane came near the computer to hold her cat and accidentally showed off her butt in front of the camera. She immediately realized the incident and turned off the stream.