Indian YouTube fans have been left with bitter disappointment after Carry Minati “Ajey Nagar” ‘s viral video about “YouTube vs Tiktok” got taken down. The video has broken all records ever made on YouTube India and even become the highest liked video in the region in just one day.

It is not a stretch to say that it has the potential to become the highest non-music video in YouTube India’s history. However, Carry Minati’s success was cut short after his video was removed by YouTube. It is a shame, as videos from Indian YouTubers rarely managed to get featured in the upper tier of the site’s analytic hierarchy. In this article, we would go through everything about the conflict for people who are out of the loop.

1 - Who are CarryMinati and Amir Siddiqui?


Amir is a popular Mumbai based comedian Tiktoker with 3.7 million followers. CarryMinati is a considerably more famous game/comedy YouTuber, with over 16.7 million subscribers.

2 - What started the YouTube vs Tiktok battle?

This war began with Amir posting a video on his channel, calling out YouTubers, and comparing the two platforms. This is actually pretty offensive, as the guy even accused YouTube of plagiarising contents from TikTok. Afterward, Amir tried to taunt "roast" video creators to respond to him. This controversial move is probably to stir up drama and bring subscribers to his channel.

3 - What is Carry Minati's response?

Carry Minati took the above video rather personally – he then took Amir’s video and dissect it thoroughly. This is actually a pretty grey area – it can’t be said for sure if this could be considered cyberbullying or not. However, looks like Amir and his followers are also triggered by the video.

Carry's Video was removed afterward by YouTube

The result is that a hashtag named '#amiragainstcyberbullying' became trending on Twitter India. It is very likely that either Amir or his fans have been mass reporting Carry's video on YouTube in order to get it taken down.

4 - Is there any chance for the strike against Carry Minati's roast video to get lifted?

There is actually no direct answer to this, as various things are factored into this. The video could be reinstated by actions on Carry's side if he chooses to appeal to YouTube and win. If the video was mass reported - YouTube mods would definitely lift the ban and bring it back.

However, if the one who reports about the video to YouTube is Amir, it is unlikely that we would see it again, as, by law, Carry is in the wrong and his video could constitute the action of Cyberbullying.