CarryMinati viral video 'YouTube Vs TikTok: The End' that got more than 7 crore views in just two days has now been removed from YouTube for "violating YouTube's Terms of Service".

About more than a week ago, when the TikToker Amir Siddiqui made a video to bass YouTuber, starting the war between TikTok and YouTube on the Internet. CarryMinati responded to him with the 'YouTube Vs TikTok: The End' to expose his hypocrisy in style and humor and cause the video to go viral on the Internet, breaking many of YouTube's records. CarryMinati gained millions of subscribers from this video.

The video got more than 7 crore views in just 5 days

But YouTube once again has surprised every single person by removing the video that is defending the platform. Maybe they think all the jokes that CarryMinati made in that video is some kinds of harassment and deleted it or maybe the video has been taken down due to massive report from all the TikToker who get their butt hurt by it.

The video got banned because CarryMinati made some jokes?

We have seen YouTube tolerate all kinds of absurd videos such as Logan Paul's "Suicide Forest" video or Korean streamer eating and torturing alive animals. These videos were never taken down by YouTube no matter how much the community beg.

Fans are already flooding Twitter with hashtag #justiceforcarry to demand YouTube to give back the video along with an apology. After the video got deleted, MortaL has shared his thought about the incident and have CarryMinati replied him right on the stream. You can watch it in the video below.

If you haven't watched the video yet. You can still watch it by looking for the reaction videos of other YouTubers to the 'YouTube Vs TikTok: The End' video instead to get around the stupidity of YouTube.