The 'Youtube vs Tiktok: The End' video of CarryMinati not only became one of the top trend videos on Youtube India but all around the world as well. The video broke all kinds of records on Youtube and it is now having 42 million views in just two days. In case you were under a cave in the middle of nowhere then here is a brief of the story behind it.

Youtube Vs Tik Tok The End 0 3 Screenshot
Youtube Vs Tik Tok The End

An India Tiktoker called Amir Siddiqui made a video saying that Youtubers is stealing Tiktokers' content and accusing Youtubers of doing videos for money. While many YouTubers has shown their thought toward his video, the video 'Youtube Vs Tiktok: The End' video of CarryMinati is the only one you need to watch. He called out the bullshits and hypocrisy of the Tiktoker and roasted him in the best way possible.

The video has become an endless source of meme for his fans and a subject for the reaction video of many famous Youtuber, even outside of India and it seems that they enjoyed it just like we do. You can check out all the reaction videos right below.

Even the PUBG Mobile pro player ScoutOP heard about it and played it on his live stream. Let's check out what the pro player has to say about this.

After the 'Youtube vs Tiktok: The End' video, CarryMinati gained around 1.5 million subscribers in 2 days. His PUBG Mobile live stream after that also received a staggering number of views up to more than 1 Lakh live viewers.