YouTube has been the No. 1 online video platform for more than a decade while Tiktok only got popular in recent years. Although Tiktok is a really fun way for people to watch short funny and entertaining videos, the platform is also responsible for some really idiot trends and cringe-worthy videos. Some of them can even potentially kill the person who makes the video.

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Tiktok penny challenge started a electrocute fire at a school in the US as a high school student tried it

The most viewed videos are the ones that have the most stupid trends and are the most cringed videos on the platform. That why lots of Youtubers hate Tiktok content creators and Tiktok in general. Tiktok also has been banned a short while as the Madras High Court thought the app promotes unhealthily activities to the youth.

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Tiktok was banned in India for a short time because the Madras High Court thought was bad for the youth

Recently, a Tiktok user called Amir Siddiqui made an IGTV video to diss Youtuber, saying that they took the content from Tiktok and trying to defend Tiktok. As soon as CarryMinati was aware of this, he immediately made a video called "Youtube vs Tiktok: The End" to respond to the Tiktoker. You can check out the response video of Carryminati below.

The 12-minutes video has nailed the problem with Tiktok perfectly in a hilarious way with CarryMinati style and went viral quickly. As of now, the video has already gotten 15 million views and 4.6 million likes in less than one day. The video also spawned a lot of memes from it, made by users on Twitter to make fun of Tiktok.

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