Looking after children must be the worst nightmare of young parents in this day of age. Kids are always full of energy, curiosity, and urged to explore the unfamiliar world around them. So, it’s not the best idea to multi-task, especially play games, when babysitting your children. However, this PUBG loving dad by the name of “Nitesen” has his own way around it. 

We all know that PUBG is a skill-intensive game. It requires a lot of hand-eye coordination as well as other skills such as shot-calling, shooting, maneuvering, etc. Once in-game, the fierce battleground will make you pay 100% attention to it. But recently, a dad gamer posted a clip on Reddit doing what’s seemingly impossible. He played PUBG with one hand, held his child in the other while spinning around on his chair. This particularly interesting scene had many burst into laughing.

In the video, Nitesen was performing the “infamous” camping strategy in a house that he thought enemies might enter. He had it planned out: put 2 gasoline tanks next to each other at the top of the stair, patiently wait, then shoot. As expected, an opponent showed up and Nitesen opened fire, the fuel tank exploded and killed the target. The task was perfectly carried out when he held his daughter and spinning around to keep her entertained. His flawless execution indicates that this is not his first time doing so, and this dad is a real gamer! Not anyone can multi-task as well as he did.

PUBG dad
Nitesen has done the impossible

The video thread triggered nearly 100 comments from other PUBG gamers, some of them are fathers, too. While camping isn’t the most popular tactic in shooting games, Nitesen shows that if you have a reason to justify it, then it’s OK. Who says you can’t have quality father and daughter time in lockdown?