You must know Player Unknowns Battle Ground, or more commonly known as PUBG and other competitive games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Though, PUBG is rapidly becoming by far the most successful game in the world, after its release in 2017. Two years later and it is already a force in the world of gaming. It has success in Asian countries including India and China, PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play version of the game, has more players than Fortnite.

However, its addiction is becoming a real trouble for parents. Recently in India, a 20-year-old boy died after 45 days of extended play and suffering from serious nerve damage. This has contributed to the introduction of drastic steps, such as locking players out of the game if they play for more than 6 hours in one day. But the game shows no signs of losing its base of players, and addiction to PUBG is now as common as it has ever been.

What is PUBG?

PUBG is an online royal combat multiplayer game that has become enormously popular. There are also some gamers who are also addicted to this game, which is why for many it has become a major concern. PUBG is a great game but becoming addicted to it will give rise to some mental and physical health issues. So, here are the seven negative side effects PUBG has on one's mental and physical health which you should be vigilant about.

Warning Signs of PUBG Addiction

Video game addiction is a widely accepted mental health disorder by the World Health Organization. As warning signs, they have three conditions in set:

  1. Impaired power: Your gamer can't control their playing, or restrict it.
  2. Loss of interest in other activities: The life of your gamer revolves around gaming, rather than gaming around their lives.
  3. Continuing to play despite negative impact: Gaming does major damage to their grades, jobs, or relationships in school.

These are the three main warning signs for PUBG addiction but there are other signs as well, such as being dishonest, having symptoms of withdrawal, using gaming to escape, or being unable to concentrate while playing games.

Pubg Addiction
Addiction to PUBG is now as common as it has ever been.

How to Combat PUBG Addiction

Don't wait until the problem gets worse. Now do practice. Here are some realistic techniques you should put into practice:

Step 1: Playing to the max. If your son is older than 12, cut down gaming to two hours or less per day. Require homework and exercise to complete first before granting any access. You can find developing a Family Screen Time contract helpful.

Step 2: Consider more things to do. Below is a list of replacement events. Keep gaming from being the only thing they're doing. Ensure sure they spend more time in nature outdoors, improve their face-to-face experiences and find competitive opportunities like sports.

Step 3: Enhance connectivity. Avoid calling them a sick person. If they are or not, this causes even more family tension. Remember that relationships establish trust, trust creates power, and control includes power. Spend more time hiking or doing sports on the weekends together. Try changing the modes of contact and of parenting.

Try to implement these techniques as they will help to turn the PUBG addiction of your child around. Moreover, in order to monitor your kids phone usage and game play timings install some tracking app like WhatsApp Spy. These apps will help you in keeping your kids gaming routine in moderation.