Recently, PUBG Mobile introduced yet a new update on April 16, providing players with a completely new survival experience called Arctic mode. In this mode, the usual gameplay layer of PUBG Mobile was modified with yet another layer of survival elements - they have to fight both the enemy teams and the environment itself.

Pubg Mobile 0 14 I Vikendi Extreme Cold Mode I Gam
Vikendi actually looks pretty good in a blizzard - the normal low-quality graphic details is more or less covered by the weather effects

Why did Tencent create Arctic mode and what is the inspiration for the mode?

With PUBG Mobile's popularity surging up greatly, Tencent has been tinkering with new features and gameplay modes in order to provide PUBG Mobile players with new and exciting content. As more and more competitors have been improving, from Call of Duty Mobile to Free Fire - they just have to get as much new content as possible to stay on top. The idea behind the mode is more or less the original design of Vikendi - it was supposed to be like this but was toned down into the normal PUBG gameplay before release. It is not sure if PUBG PC would ever get this kind of gameplay, as the player base clearly prefer the normal battle royale experience over anything else.

Pubg Vikendi
The original Vikendi design was much wilder than the version we got

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Is Arctic mode more fun than the normal Vikendi map?

Overall, if you are a fan of Role-playing and value immersion in your games, Arctic mode would be your thing. If you just want to drop the crap and shoot each other, however, it is best to just play normal Vikendi. This mode would also take a lot of time than normal - you would have to scout around for material items like firewood or meat (from killing animals). A snowmobile would be the best vehicle in this map, as you would be able to move around at extreme speed.

Pubg Vikendi
Arctic mode is best played with a coordinated squad

Teamwork becomes even more crucial than before - you would need teammates who know what they are doing or even a group of friends to be able to solve this map successfully. Communication is key, as during a blizzard it is crucial that some team members focus on keeping the bonfire going while the rest scout the area with drones or just stand lookout for attacks.

How to be successful in Arctic mode?

In addition to the usual PUBG items like guns and gear, you would also have to gather firewood and food to survive the upcoming cold wave. A scouting drone is also available as well - but it is only useful in the late game.

Image 5pubg Mobile Cold Front Survival
It is vital to create a source of heat first before trying to find anything else - food is more or less optional

Arctic Mode requires a lot more patience than the usual map, as you pretty much cannot move anywhere if a blizzard is out - the only thing to do is to wait around for it to be over. However, if you are confident in your team's ability and has a heater or warm pack, this can be a great opportunity to plan a surprise attack on other groups. All bonfires that are lit during the storm would show up on the map - and because of that, you can pretty much pin-point the location that your enemy is holed up.

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