Just a few days ago, PUBG Mobile announced that a new mode called Cold Front Survival is coming to the game on April 16. The PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival is actually not a total brand new mode though. It was added to the Chinese server of PUBG Mobile since early last year under the name Extreme Cold Mode. That being said, the PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival has the addition of drones that the PUBG Mobile Extreme Cold Mode last year didn't have.

pubg mobile cold front survival
PUBG Mobile Cold Front survival will have an addition of Drone in the mode

Since this is the first time this mode comes to the global version of PUBG Mobile, many players might be confused about how to play this mode and die without knowing how to survive. So here in this article, we will break it down to you everything you need to know about this mode and the best ways to play it.

PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Introduction

PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival will be played on the snow map of PUBG Mobile, Vikendi. You will have a new column that indicates your Warmth level. If the column gets too low, you will lose health gradually until you can heat yourself up to a safe level. Normally, your Warth level won't go down. However, every 5 minutes, there will be a snowstorm that will drop your temperature down quickly. If you are not prepared or not fast enough to find a source of heat, you will die before the snowstorm ends.

pubg mobile cold front survival
You need to find yourself sources of warmth such as Heater, Roasted Meat to survive the long snowstorm

Of course, there will be new items and elements in this mode such as Branch, Heater, Warmth Pack, and Animals so you can heat yourself up in the game. Here are how you can use them to get Warmth:

  • Branch: You can use Branch to set up a fire in a house and warmth yourself. Each Branch can hold the fire for 15 seconds.
  • Warmth Pack: This item gives you the resistance to cold weather and recovers your warmth for 30 seconds but it is a very rare item.
  • Heater: As for this item, all you have to do is use it from the inventory and hold it. But you won't be able to use weapons while holding it. It also has limited energy that will run out over time. The Heater can be found in the airdrops.
pubg mobile cold front survival
You can kill animals you see to get their meat. Roast the meat on the fire and eat it for warmth
  • Animals: You can find and kills animals in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival mode. After that, take their meat to roast on the fire. Eating Roasted Meat will recover a certain amount of Warmth.

Apart from those things above, PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival is going to bring players a new Drone item. Unlike the UAV drone in Call of Duty: Mobile, you can control your Drone in this mode. You can have the full control of your Drone to fly around to scout the area around you safely.

pubg mobile cold front survival
You can control Drone in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode to scout the area around you

However, when controlling your Drone, your character will be standing still completely so it's wise to find a good hiding spot for yourself first before using it. The Drone also has limited energy that allows you to use it for a total of 5 minutes.

PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

In this mode, you not only have to deal with other players but with nature as well. At the start of the game, you have 10 minutes before the snowstorm comes. And as the snowstorm will last for 5 minutes, if you haven't prepared carefully, you will definitely die during this period. So here are your first priorities:

  • Pick a location with few players to make sure that no one will bother your preparation phase too much.
  • Pick up all the necessary loots such as weapons, healing items as usual along with Branches. If you are safe, you can kills animals with your gun to get their meat.
pubg mobile cold front survival tips
Your main objective during the first 10 minutes is to loots necessary items as quickly as possible
  • Try to do all these things above as quickly as possible and then move into the circle.
  • Find a house to make fire when the snowstorm comes.
  • During the snowstorm, open the map and you will see lots of fire icon on it. Those fire icons are places where other players make fires. Use this information to make the plan for your next steps in the game.
pubg mobile cold front survival
You can see many fire icons on the map. Theses places are where other players make fire

When you have survived the first snowstorm, you will have 5 more minutes of freedom to gather more resources, fighting other players, and prepare for the next snowstorm. If you like killing other players, you can move toward places near fire icons on the map. If you don't want to take fights, choose a location far away from those fire icons.

Tips and tricks in the PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival:

  • Use Heater to move during the snowstorm and catch other players off guard at their fireplace.
  • You can also make lots of Roasted Meat and use them instead of you don't have a Heater.
  • The Drone will be a very useful way to look for the few players left during the late game.
  • Always prioritize to get into the circle over fighting because you won't be able to survive with the damage of both the Blue Zone and the snowstorm.

There will be no snowstorm in the finals circles so you can just play the game normally and get the Chicken Dinner. You can check out our article Tips And Tricks To Survive The End Game In PUBG Mobile to learn all the useful tips and tricks that can win you the game.