PUBG Mobile Lite has released an exciting event to join in on the Easter celebrations - during this level of lockdown, new contents are a must. This event is called the Golden Egg Hunt, with an extra tab called Golden Egg Exchange - they will last until the end of April 16 and would be available in the events tab. The developers have been filled both PUBG Mobile and its Lite version with content as of late - the Lite version is getting completely new maps designed specifically to accommodate the lower system restriction.

The official announcement of the Golden Egg Pan Event from PUBG Mobile Lite's Twitter

To get the rewards from this event, players have to collect golden Easter Eggs from daily quests. Afterward, they can exchange them in the event shop for a reward. The missions are updated every day - players have to log in daily to collect the largest number of Eggs possible.

Pubg Lite Free Winner Pass 10 Varenga In Bloom
Varenga is the newest map that was added to PUBG Mobile Lite. Normal PUBG does not have this map.

Below are the rewards that can be exchanged with Golden Eggs.

  • Cuddly Chicken – Pan (seven days): 50 golden eggs
  • Mission card: 15 golden eggs
  • Outfit coupon scrap: four golden eggs
  • Premier outfit coupon: eight golden eggs
Complete your full chicken set with the chicken pan

The mission card can only be used in the current season - it would unlock the daily and challenge missions on the Winner Pass. The Chicken Pan is limited, however - it can only be unlocked for a period of 7 days. Overall, the Pan is actually more useful than the other melee weapons, as it can instantly kill with one smack on the head.

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