In a recent livestream on his channel, the star PUBG Mobile player of Fnatic, ScoutOP, has asked fans to give him and his teammate 1 week for his team to get back on their feet and achieve the result that fans want to see.

SscoutOP made a request to his fans on stream

Team Fnatic is considered as one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in India with many talented and experienced players. However, there has been a lot of drama involving the team lately and their results in PMPL Scrims also weren't good. While these scrims don't really affect the result of the real PMPL, fans are still very concerned about the performance of their favorite team.

Two members of the team who get the most pressure are Ronak and ScoutOP as fans are coming to their stream every day to show their disappointment. Both of them have gone off under the pressure of the fans.

Ronak ended up having a fight with Thug for making him left team SouL while ScoutOP expressed his anger with his team when they benched him. In one recent PMPL scrims, the entire team Fnatic even left ScoutOP to play alone without responding to him. Things are seemingly falling apart for team Fnatic.

However, they seemed to have everything sorted out as ScoutOP told fans to give them one week before questioning their performance. He said that Fnatic will spend this time doing experiments and trying different strategies to work on their existing problems instead of trying to win.

Team Fnatic is going to try out new strats to improve themselves instead of winning

As the coronavirus outbreak is still rampaging throughout the country. The PMPL South Asia has been postponed indefinitely. But this is also the perfect chance for team Fnatic to reform and become a better team before the real competition is back.