In recent streams, ScoutOP has repeatedly mentioned that he has been benched along with his frustrations. ScoutOP was one of the most favorited PUBG Mobile players in India and in team Fnatic. Whenever Fnatic plays in a tournament, you can see people in the chat spamming ScoutOP non-stop to show their support for him. In fact, ScoutOP along with Ronak and Owais were the ones who left team SouL and created team X, which later got the sponsor from Fnatic. It is hard for anyone to believe that such an important member can be excluded from the team.

ScoutOP is temporarily removed from the active roster

Why ScoutOP is removed from the active roster?

You must have still remembered his drama with team UMumba. In short, ScoutOP got angry with team UMumba for dropping at the same spot with Fnatic in a match and swear to revenge them in the PMPL South Asia. Team Fnatic has already sent their apology right after that and promised to "take action." While this might be not the direct reason for the decision to remove ScoutOP, it definitely contributed to it.

 Fnatic Apology
Team Fnatic apologize team UMumba

ScoutOP also mentioned on his stream that team Fnatic is trying new strategies, which are not fit with his playstyle. It was the decision of the coach and his teammates so he had to follow it. The recent performance of team Fnatic lately also wasn't really meet the expectation of their fans. So far, Fnatic is only in 6th place after 2 days of the PMPL South Asia. While that result isn't too bad, they are going to need more in order to move on to the PUBG Mobile World League.

When will ScoutOP be back?

Of course, many fans weren't really happy with this decision of the coach. ScoutOP is still the most beloved player of team Fnatic after all so fans would love to see him making a comeback as soon as possible.

Scout Op
ScoutOP will be back in the roster in the PMPL

Both Fnatic's coach, Nimish ‘Nemo’ Raut, and ScoutOP confirmed that he will definitely play with the team in the PMPL. Nemo said he wanted ScoutOP to take his time to relax and work out on his relationship with his teammates before coming back to play with the team.