ScoutOP is one of the best assaulters in the competitive PUBG Mobile scene in India. He is one of the most precious members of team Fnatic. However, he is also known for his toxicity, especially while he is streaming. We have seen him being toxic toward his opponent and even his viewers multiple times in the past. Not surprisingly, he now has all the attention because of his personality once again.

In a recent scrim match, team Fnatic and UMumba encounter each other unexpectedly in Bootcamp on Sanhok. Team Fnatic didn’t expect anyone to be there and so UMumba caught them by surprise. Being taken down by team UMumba has made ScoutOP really angry. He started swearing non-stop and then vow that he would revenge team UMumba by focusing on killing them in official PMPL matches.

This was a very immature and unprofessional behavior and of course, many fans were upset. Some even have taken this matter to the captain of team UMumba, Bhishma. Knowing this, Bhishma immediately called out ScoutOP and team Fnatic about this matter on his Instagram, saying they lack sportsmanship Fnatic has responded quickly and apologized for the toxic behaviors of their member.

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Bhishma called out Fnatic and ScoutOP on his Instagram about this matter

In the PUBG Mobile competitive scene, teams have an unspoken rule about their own drop spots at the start of the match in tournaments and scrims. However, it is not a very good way to play the game and in fact, everyone should be able to land wherever they want on the map. It is inexcusable for what ScoutOP has done but Bhishma has already accepted the apology from team Fnatic.

Let’s just move on through this drama and make it a lesson for the future so things like this won’t happen again.