It seems controversies and the Indian Esports community walk hand in hand. Two professional Esports players - Naman Mathur aka SouL MortaL and Tanmay Singh aka Fnatic Scout are embroiled in yet another controversy. An unknown YouTuber recently revealed that he has a call recording in which Naman is heard scolding Tanmay. However, the audio recording is yet to be leaked.

Scout and MortaL are arch-rivals in competitive esports scenario in India

Earlier, Scout in a fit of rage had not only abused the audience but had abused MortaL during his live stream. He was trolled during his live streams by Team SouL fans and was often compared with MortaL. This controversy led to severe outrage especially after Team SouL players Owais and Ronak joined Fnatic. The pile-up of such incidents created a rift between these two players. Fans of both players trolled each other online which further led to spreading hate in the live chats.

Tanmay Singh
Scout had abused fans of Team SouL during his live stream for harassing him in chats.

But later, the two calmed things down and have been seen together on several occasions. The person in question is a guy named Prakash who claims to be a resident of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. He claims that the video contains a phone call between MortaL and Scout.

He further claimed that MortaL is scolding Scout for taking Ronak and Owais in team Fnatic. Owais and Ronak had quit team SouL and joined Fnatic for playing professional PUBG Mobile tournaments.

MortaL is yet to react on the entire controversy

Earlier Prakash had leaked a video that included Entity Ghatak and Hydra Honey. Both were seen abusing each other inside a hotel room in Pune. The matter allegedly had reached local police after things were heated up. The entire brawl took place over an Instagram post of Hydra Honey which led to heated arguments.