And just like that, the 2nd anniversary of our favorite mobile Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile, is almost here. After 2 years, the game is still one of the hottest on the mobile gaming scene. As the 2nd anniversary of the game draws close, we should be anticipating new content.

Pubg Mobile Anniversary
What will be in the 2nd anniversary?

We expect the 2nd anniversary to also include a whole host of new goodies just as the 1st one did. Things like a new theme, new outfits, skins and stickers. But what's different this time is not everything that is coming will be the novel kind. Apparently, leaks of the upcoming anniversary are telling us that some items from the 1st anniversary will make a comeback.

What the next update will include

A well-known PUBG Mobile YouTuber, Mr. Ghost Gaming, recently posted a video telling us that not only new items for the 12th season won't be the only thing coming. Items that were in the 1st anniversary will make a return as well. These items were in the 0.17.0 beta and the chances of them being in the next update are quite hefty. Anniversary-exclusive items will include the headgear and helmet, the M762's chicken skin, the backpack, and the lucky rabbit set.

The anniversary update is likely to go with the 0.17.0 update that takes place before the 0.17.5 update, which is season 12.

If anyone out there missed the 1st anniversary of PUBG Mobile and the goodies that came with it, you will have another opportunity. For those who already got the anniversary items the 1st time though, the upcoming anniversary won't be as exciting. But let's be honest, any chance to participate in a special anniversary event is a chance worth taking.

Pubg Mobile 1st Anniversary
PUBG Mobile 1st Anniversary

It was claimed by Mr. Ghost Gaming that the update would be up on February 12, but Tencent recently confirmed that the update won't be ready until next month.