The PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update is coming soon with a lot of new features, weapons, and also character. Recently, a popular PUBG streamer on YouTube has revealed a brand new character who may come in the upcoming update. Check it out here with

A New Character May Come Soon

Mr. Ghost Gaming is a well-known PUBG YouTuber. Recently, he has raised PUBG Mobile players and fans’ anticipation for the upcoming update by revealing a new character. This new character named Carlo possibly comes in the 0.17.0 update. Although there is no further information about this character, players can expect him to come with new gameplay and many special abilities.

First Look Of Pubg Mobile New Character Carlo
First Look Of PUBG Mobile New Character Carlo

The coming of this new character is following the trend starting last year. The developers launched some permanent and time-limited characters in 2019. If Carlo comes to the game in this upcoming update, he’s the first new character coming to PUBG Mobile this year.

The Upcoming Update 0.17.0

The new update 0.17.0 will come on February 12th, 2020. It brings players a new airdrop-only gun called the DBS. This double-barrel shotgun uses 12-gauge bullets like other shotgun. Besides, you can attack some types of scope to this gun, such as Holo, Red Dot, 2x, and 6x. Moreover, in this upcoming update, you can attach a Holo or Red Dot to the Sub-machine gun Uzi.

Pubg Mobile Update 0 17 0 Could Bring Many New Features
PUBG Mobile Update 0 17 0 Could Bring Many New Features

In addition to some changes in weapons, the 0.17.0 update may also bring players an enhanced Erangel 2.0 map and throwables. Some other features in PUBG PC could also come to PUBG Mobile in this update, such as death cam, colorblind mode, extreme cold mode, tactical map marker, etc. It lets PUBG Mobile players experience some existing features in the PC version. With these leaks, the 0.17.0 update is highly anticipated.