In order to keep improving and get high achievements in tournaments, PUBG  Mobile teams in India need to practice every day at a high level. They can't even practice in rank games because as top teams, they are too strong for random teams in rank games. So the best way for top teams to set up custom scrim matches for professional teams to practice together. This way teams can freely experience new strategies, gameplay freely in a highly competitive environment and then apply those experiences later in real tournaments.

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Pro teams need to practice frequently at a high level to improve

These scrim matches are just as intensive as tournament matches and they are very entertaining to watch. These matches are also a great way for casual players to watch how professional players move and play. You can learn a lot about the game and get better only by watching. Here, we will show you where you can find and watch these matches.

Villager Esports Youtube channel

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Villager Esports hosts Tier scrims on their YouTube channel very often

Villager Esports is a big esports organization in India that hosted many gaming tournaments and live events. They recently hosted 2 PUBG Mobile tournaments the PUBG Mobile Pro Invitational and the PUBG Mobile Thug Invitational. They also held Tier 1 scrim matches very often with famous teams such as SouL, Fnatic, Entity Gaming, 8Bit, IND,... and stream it on their YouTube channel.

Esports Network

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The Mafia Cup Season 2 is coming with a huge Rs 2,500,000 prize pool

Esport Network is an esports organization created by Gameroom TV and Offsider Esports. They held many scrims, events for the Indian gaming community in the last year. They hosted the PUBG tournament Mafia Cup Season 1 recently with a prize pool of Rs 100,000. The Mafia Cup Season 2 will be coming soon with an even bigger prize pool of Rs 2,500,000. Esports Network hosted Tier 1 scrim matches very often on their YouTube channel.