Sniper Rifle guns are the strongest weapons in PUBG Mobile which cause the greatest damage to enemies, especially in long-range combat. But it’s definitely not easy to use sniper rifle guns like a pro. Here are some tips to become a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile.

Practice More In Training Room

The training room mode in PUBG Mobile allows players to use different weapons to practice and improve their skills. You choose an SR gun and favorite attachments to shoot at moving targets at different ranges. You can also practice shooting while moving. It will be very useful in real combat in ranking mode.

Practice In The Training Mode
Practice In The Training Mode

Setting And Control

In addition, you can adjust the setting of sensitivity and turn on aim feature. Moreover, PUBG Mobile can also set the control buttons in the right place. A pro sniping tip is using a quick scope and enabling the ‘Quick Scope Switch’ feature. Then, in the Basic setting, choose the ‘Release’ button for sniper rifle guns and enable the ‘Peek and Open Scope’ feature.

Adjust Features In Settings
Adjust Features In Settings


Attachments make your sniper rifle stronger, more stable and accurate. Therefore, choose suitable attachments for your SR gun. 6x and 8x scopes help you spot and aim at enemies at long distances. A silencer will help reduce the sound of the shot and unveil your position. Besides, Cheek Pad is a great attachment that helps reduce the recoil of the weapon. In addition, Bullet Loops reduce the ammo reload time for your Kar98K.

Attach A Scope To Aim Long Range Target
Attach A Scope To Aim Long-Range Target

Predict Enemies’ Movement

To increase accuracy, you need to predict the movement and direction of enemies. Besides, headshot causes the biggest damage to enemies. So, pro snipers usually aim at enemies’ heads. Moreover, as a sniper, you should knock down or kill an enemy with one shot only or he will find a cover and you lose the best chance. Therefore, an accurate headshot or nothing. Once you cannot kill the opponent and unveil your position, it’s a deadly mistake.

Aim At Enemys Head
Aim At Enemy's Head

These are some sniping tips for PUBG Mobile players. With a sniper rifle, decent attachments, and these tips, you can become a pro sniper in this game.